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    Scoutmaster problems

    We currently have a Scoutmaster who has not received any BSA training. He has over the last year been very uncooperative with the committee. We have tried to find ways in which we could work together, yet none have succeeded. We have a been the last to find out about outings, sometimes with as little as two days notice as to where and what the scouts would be doing. Some of these last minute outings have been very expensive for a monthly outing. (Over $40). We went from having a calendar out with our old Scoutmaster to none with the new one. I finally had enough and wrote a letter to every committee member detailing the problems as I saw them. I felt that in doing so I would at least get everyone talking about the problems with the communication, but instead the scoutmaster demanded my resignation from Committee Chairman. The committee at the time was supportive of me yet nothing as of yet has been done. This is now going on two weeks and I feel that if something isn't done the longer it goes on the worse it will be. The Charter Representative does not want to loose either of us, and I feel that due to this nothing will ever happen. My main problem besides the lack of communication is that the scouts are not getting everything that they should from scouting. They did get to vote on what outings they would like to go on the last two years like all years before that. But over the last two years only half of the outings have even been based loosely on what the scouts wanted. Since I took over as Committee Chair last year I have been trying to learn everything I can about scouts and Cub Scouts since I am also a Den leader for another son. Yet I see nothing different between the way I am supposed to lead the Weblos den and the way the Scout troop is currently running. Another concern of mine is the anti family feeling I get from the new Scoutmaster. Family participation is not encouraged but discouraged. I feel that something needs to be done with the current scoutmaster but I am not sure what or whether I will still have the backing of the Charter Representative or committee the longer this goes on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.