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  1. Was definitely colorful imagery that gave me quite amusing mental pictures. Can't say we haven't thought some similiar thoughts.
  2. When reading the responses to my posts some questions come to mind: 1) Why would a SM, COR, CO or committee want to keep a scout from using money he earned for his continued scouting needs? How does this benefit scouting, the scout or anyone except the troop? What lessons are we teaching our boys if we accept this arbitrary administration of funds they have earned? 2) How would making a small claims court claim reflect poorly on scouting, destroy the troop or hurt boys in scouting? Wouldn't it teach the boys that there is a legal system intact to handle disputes in a fair and lo
  3. What we have always tried to impart to our son is to live a Christian Life, be involved in your school and community, and be kind and considerate. Scouting is an extension of those ideals not the only way it is imparted. For the scouting program to be effective we think it is important to demonstrate the points we are trying to teach our children by our actions. We don't feel it is a violation of scouting to hold leadership accountable for their actions. It certainly wouldn't be the organization it is today if people were not expected to follow certain codes of conduct.
  4. In essence Bob, we are in agreement--1. they did not communicate the rules 2. what's best for the scout is to have access to the money in his account for summer camp, uniforms, etc. As far as a national policy, I would like things spelled out more on the administration of funds just as they are on the fund raising itself. I don't think that policies are a bad thing--it seems they keep things running smoothly and fairly. It wouldn't hamper the troop from being it's own organization; just give a little more guidance to the acceptable ways of doing things so in that respect I do t
  5. We intend to give the parish priest one more chance to get his organization to do the right thing then we intend to call the diocese. I do think it would be great to get a national policy on this because of situations like this. While we should all be able to depend on the integrity of leadership we all know this is not a perfect world and it would alleviate all the questions if it were mandatory to transfer individual funds to any chartered scouting organization. We also have wondered if perhaps the funds are no longer available. How would we be able to know though, we can't even get a st
  6. Bob, Yes, we followed your suggestion and were told that a copy of the bylaws would be mailed to us immediately (they didn't have one and would have to obtain it). That was two weeks ago. We stopped at the scout store with our son (to make some purchases of items he needed) and while we there we asked to speak to the unit commissioner. A gentleman came out, listened to the problem and told us to address letter to the district committee(i think finance) which we did. They called back and said what i typed. We did try the charter organization representative who said that we wouldn't be a
  7. The district finance committee met and decided that the troop had the authority to not transfer the money in the scout account to the new troop. They told me my next course of action would be to address a letter to the council committee and/or discuss it with the pastor of the church that sponsors the troop. I called the parish priest and he said he is not involved in the scout troop whatsoever and that whatever decisions they make he supports 100%.
  8. Items like US puzzles where states are the pieces, presidential placemats, history pocket trivia games are inexpensive and help teach a child social studies from a young age. Trips to museums, especially living history ones, are great for young children. We've taken our son to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, Presidential houses, Smithsonian, plantations,natural bridge, niagara falls and he loves those types of trips still. Don't forget to include a section on independent thinking and have them read some of the books that are no longer included in school like Anthem, Animal Farm,
  9. Some fundraising ideas for your troop--1)staff a "safety break" at a rest stop on an interstate--provide home baked goods, fruit, coffee, tea, and milk, for donations only 2) pick fruit (grapes in this area) 3) do clean up after a festival (group sponsoring festival gives donation to troop) 4) sell glo sticks at 4th of july fireworks or carnival Divide profit by man hours to determine hourly rate for each scout. Keep careful records of hours worked by each scout. Parents do not get credit unless they worked shift by themselves. Has worked well for us in the past.
  10. Thanks to Bob White and all who answered my post. Hopefully with District working with us he will get his money transferred and can finish the final steps up the trail without further avoidable disturbances. He enjoys scouting so much and it just seems a shame to encounter these types of problems but I guess he can learn valuable life lessons from these as well.
  11. I spoke to the council office yesterday. They asked me to draft a letter with the pertinent information in it for them to present at the district committee meeting. They will help my son get his money transferred to the new troop. It seems they are familiar with the SM from the troop our son is leaving.
  12. There should be a balance of around $ 500.00.
  13. Our son has chosen to transfer to a different troop within the same council. When we approached the scoutmaster of the troop he is leaving with a form to transfer his individual scout account we were told he would not be able to take one penny of his account to the new troop with him. The SM said transferring his account is against the troop bylaws. This is the first time in all the time our son was in the troop that bylaws were even mentioned to us. It was always our son (and our) understanding that the money he earned on fundraisers that was placed in his individual account was his to be
  14. Thanks for your prompt reply. I was hoping you would tell me that there was a national BSA policy regarding this.
  15. Bob, perhaps you could answer this question for me---When a scout transfers what happens to the individual scout account money? Does the BSA have regulations regarding this?
  16. It amazes me that in the United States of America where we are all supposed to have certain freedoms, we constantly have to explain why we choose to exercise ours and have an organization comprised of people who believe in God and believe that homosexual behavior is improper.
  17. Weekender: Maybe this SM is an unteachable one because we have approached him on this topic and we did have the book as well as material we printed from various sites to back our position. Last year after our son expressed his displeasure with going to the Star Scoutmaster Conference 3 times. This time when we talked with committee members about this problem and a problem with the troop merit badge counselors, we were told that it is the SM's philosophy that the boys should be kept from advancing too quickly and getting Eagle too quickly because many times they lose interest after
  18. The troop my son is leaving uses the scout master conferences as "grilling sessions" for the ranks of star and life. Rather than relying on the BSA program that is in place, they feel it is necessary to spend 3-4 meetings "grilling" the boys with tests of every item in the handbook. Their theory is that this will impart the gravity of attaining star and life on the boy but instead it builds resentments and hostilities. How does your troop use this time?
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