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  1. Well I have to admit the "recapature" tax is news to me. If I read the link correctly it was written before the payroll tax cut was extended for the rest of 2012 and indicates high earners will have to pay the "recapture " tax in 2013 when they file. However it seems as if it only applies to income above $18,350 for the first two months of 2012, it may not reach $2200. Essentially a marginal tax increase on income above the rate of $110K/year. A lot of folks in this income bracket are in for a nasty suprise when they file next year. I don't know that they pay their fare share or not, but I'm not shedding tears for those in this situation.


    I too would love to see a flat tax, no deductions, all income treated the same, interest, dividend, capital gains and wages all taxed at a single rate.





  2. " If we were to have a tyrannical government today, and that in itself is a separate conversation, how could we defend our selves against modern military arms with bolt action rifles and single shot shotguns? Semiautomatic rifles will put the people at a severe disadvantage. "


    Our military is the best trained and best equipped in the world. We fund it at a level to take on the rest of the world's military combined. Talk about paranoia. The civilian population would have absolutely zero chance against it in any kind of armed confrontation regardless of any access to weapons that are currently available to civilians, legal or illegal.


    The idea that US civilians need to be armed to protect themselves from their own military is up there with the Zombie Apocalpse.


    Me I've walked this planet and country for more than 50 years totally unarmed. It's amazing I've survived.










  3. "Families over the $110,000 per year never got the 2% lower. That's a $2,200 impact. "


    Absolutely 100% not true. They got a 2% cut on the first $110,000 of income, more if they were a two income family. They did not get the break on income above that amount because they don't pay taxes on amounts above that.


    I give little credence on those that don't pay payroll taxes on incomes above $110K. ;)



  4. "It's a custom-made "crisis." Yah, one of the true bi-partisan accomplishments of the last year or so.


    I agree let's take the leap. Unfortunately it seems like they will get to a deal of somekind. They're down to quibling about a few hundred billion one direction or the other on a total package in the Trillions. The only hope is the nutters on both side reject it. The fact is if one party or the other actually "likes" the deal that we end up with, it's probably a bad deal.


    The "cliff" would be a big downpayment on the deficit and long term debt and it's the only way I see that happening. All the other approaches that are currently nibbling around the edges without really addressing long term fiscal responsibility.





  5. I'm not anti-gun and fully believe one should be able to own a gun for sport, hunting, or even personal defense. However the only reason I can think a private citizen would need to own a military style semi-automatic weapon is if they truely believe in a future zombie apocolypse.


    It's time we had a national conversation about the role of guns in our society. Review this article from the Washington Post:




    I find this statement particularly troubling: " 15 of the 25 worst mass shootings in the last 50 years took place in the United States. Second place was Finland, with 2"


    Why do we put up with this?









  6. OGE,


    Why the media outrage over events in Newtown, CT vrs drunk driving? From the CDC:


    Of the 1,210 traffic deaths among children ages 0 to 14 years in 2010, 211 (17%) involved an alcohol-impaired driver.

    Of the 211 child passengers ages 14 and younger who died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in 2010, over half (131) were riding in the vehicle with the alcohol-impaired driver.1



    Just providing perspective.





  7. "I'm not sure if any good can or will come out of this terrible tragedy?"


    Nothing can make up for this loss. The only thing that I can come away with that is remotely positive is the litany of extrodinary things ordinary people do in these events as Beavah noted. I am in absolute awe of the thought of unarmed women rushing into a hail of bullets to protect the children in their care. This kind of heroism and sacrifice gives me pause and some hope for human kind, that there are these people out there among us, and there are more than we know.








  8. " If life worth protecting doesn't begin at conception, when does it begin?"


    Well that's the $64,000 question. Heck a string bean is life. The question is when does human life begin? How is it defined? Does potential to become human life count?


    I confess I don't know the answers.





  9. "so it is clear that the Fifth Commandment has never been interpreted the way you think it ought to be. "


    This simply isn't true. According to Wikipedia, the source of all truth, there are some 41,000 denominations of Christianity. Some of those interpret the passage exactly as Calico has. If not he is free to start his own denomination and then there will be some 41,001 denominations.


    Now assuming the "One True Faith" doctrine is held by these denominations, Christians have a 1 in 41,0000 chance of being a member of the one true Christian denomination and getting into heaven...unless Pack is correct and the rapture occurred in 2000.




  10. While there are certainly different opinions expressed in this particular forum on a variety of topics, I can say in all honesty, while there are hot topics here, they virtually never come up for discussion in the the unit I serve here at the local level. They may come up in an adult committee meeting but are not debated and I have never heard them come up in any meeting, discussion or activity involving youth members of the unit.


    So I suspect that implementing the basics of scouting at the local level all of us would get along quite well...unless someone suggested a laser tag outing.







  11. " But saying anyone would insult or make unwelcome someone because of their color is not funny because it's wrong and not based in any truth. "


    I have to agree this isn't particularly humorous, humor based on race rarly is. However it is an uncomfortable truth for the Republican Party. Republicans didn't lose the minority vote by almost a 10-1 margin because minorities feel welcome in the party.


    On another subject, a bit closer to the thread topic, although still off a bit, could someone with knowledge of "agendas" highlight for those of us that don't regularly listen to talk radio what the difference is between the "Gay Agenda" and the "Straight Agenda" is?





  12. You get to put your name on a big Disneylike facility/pavillion/dining hall etc.


    So far I havn't seen the "John Smith" Scout Executive Salary.


    Folks will donate for the alledged use of funds for camps, facilities etc. but it's hard to ask for donations to pay an executive salary.





  13. I was speaking of my specific organization where the initial screening of resume's is done by someone I know not to be sypathetic to BSA's position. Not in general.


    I will still advise someone to "customize" their resume to be as attractive as possible for the specific position and hiring organization. Unfortunatley, I believe that would now have to consider whether or not to list ES.


    And of course I know there are individual and institions that agree with the BSA, but they are fewer and fewer. The bigger quesiton is does the BSA want to be a niche youth organization serving a shrinking number people that agree with their current policy or to they want to be a national organization serving the broadest possible number of youth?









  14. Exactly.


    At one time folks would proudly put Eagle Scout on a job application or resume. In my current organiztion a former CEO was an Eagle scout, as were his sons. He used to host an annual luncheon for Eagle scouts in the firm. The firm routinely attended local council fund raisers at $1000+ per plate. Several years ago the Board of Directors, decided to no longer participate in BSA fundraising activities.


    And I frankly wonder how an Eagle scout is now perceived. I would have to advise an Eagle scout to not highlight this acheivement if he were to apply for a position.



  15. Yes, a legitamate third party would certainly mess up the electoral college system. Maine just elected an independent Senator. I'd really like to see Scott Brown run as an independent if/when Kerry is tagged for a Cabinet post. He would have a much better shot at winning if he'd shed the scarlet R in Massachusetts. Once folks see independents actually winning seats, ...maybe it's a start.





  16. "point blame at the conservative media putting everyone in a bubble of unreality"


    And the other side needs to temper their interpretation of the election results as a "mandate" for thier side and generating their own buble of unreality. While I would agree the results clearly show that the majority of the electorate was not enamoured with the Republican approach and candidates offered, it should not be interpreted that the majority agrees with the only other realistic alternative offered.





  17. As Cal notes, it's not the $85K. It's the issue that mainstream businesses are beginning to view the BSA as too controversial to associate with. It's brand image issue and further indicates the brand image is tarnished. Given this turn of events how proud do you think the thousands of families that work for Intel and UPS are likely to join the BSA? Solicit their co-workers for popcorn sales? Proudly change into their uniform at work to attend a meeting? ...if the executives at the firms feel the organization is not worthy of financial support.






  18. "Should there still be a place for diversity in matters of opinion? Should we not still have a place in American society for the Nelsons, Reeds(?)(AKA Stones) and Cleavers? "


    Of course. Folks just need to recognize in the future this is likely to be a minority opinion. One recent poll of voting results I saw that in 2000 80% of the vote was made up of caucasians. In 2012, the white voters accounted for only 50 - 55% of the vote. This year, I believe more non-white babies were born than white babies. The future of the country and electorate is much more racially and culturally diverse than it's been in the past. Neither bad nor good, just reality.


    Any candidate expecting to win an election for national office that ignores or disparges the concerns of what used to be minorities is going to have a tough time winning.





  19. Well as I understand the Feds have sued both Colorado and Washington top stop implementation of the marijuana legalization in those states. Typical Obama abusing state's rights.


    But if the FEDs lose that legal action and it does become legal I wouldn't be suprised to see many other states follow CO and WA. I read one estimate WA state was looking at potentially $500 million in additional revenues from taxes on marijuana sales, not to mention the decreased cost in enforcement.





  20. I'm not sure the Presidential vote can be seen as a referedum on Gay Marriage. The referendums on Gay Marriage can be. But the fact that this time around the issue went 4 for 4 in those states that had the issue on the ballot in some way indicates a continueing shift in society. As noted, for the long term the BSA needs to decide if it wants to be a national organization serving a broad spcetrum of American youth and families or be niche organization serving a shrinking demographic.


    The fact is there are more and more Modern Families and fewer and fewer Nelsons, Reeds and Cleavers.





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