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  1. My question I am being asked is about when a rank starts? Particularly when a boy completes First class requirements but has not had a Court of Honor to present the rank, has his time toward the Star requirements started? On paper and at the Scout Office, the completion of the rank was not turned in until the Court of Honor. This boy received his 1st Class and Star rank the same night. I didn't think that was possible. He had been a 2nd Class in my opinion until presented with his First Class rank.
  2. Scoutnut said" I pity the Troop that gets this Den Leader and the other parents." That would be her sister in law. And it's a different Troop than ours. 2 more weeks. John
  3. This all started in Feb. last year. I or the CM didn't hear about it being a problem until much later. The family had quit and came to me depressed that they felt unwelcome by the Den leader. I created a new Den in Dec. to get the boy back involved and now, the problems are coming from his old Den Leader that didn't want him back. I feel like they are trying to wreck the B&G for everyone. I am fine with them having a separate program AFTER ours for those who don't attend. I just don't want the boys to have to make a choice, that's not fair to them. Also I think it underm
  4. Hey folks, I am at my wits end on this on. I have a family that can't get along with the Webelos 2 Den leader. We have created a split Den to keep the boys from fighting and the parents from glaring at each other. (Real Scout like). So now my Webelos 2 Den Leader that has been with these boys since Tigers want to boycott our program for B&G and is convincing other W2 parents to come to her B&G celebration instead of the pack one. Have you ever heard of anything this ridiculous. 40% of the W2 kids aren't coming? It's their party for crying out loud. As Committee C
  5. Thanks for the fast help. John
  6. We noticed that every part of the new uniform was Made in China. Pretty sad that our economy is in the toilet and all our money goes to China. Don't tell anyone but, the Boy Scout popcorn is at Walmart also. John
  7. Our big event has become a Soap Box style derby like the Cub mobile vehicle in the Bear book. We hold it down town and the Mayor closes the road for it during the Homecoming celebration. Check it out here, we have about 3 or four 1 hour meetings as dens to build a car from a few 2x4's and some left over wheels, and a car seat. Each Den forms a race team and the fastest team time wins. We get to cover the tools section of the Bear and Wolf book at the build meetings, and also some other electives for making things. The boys do the paint and turn the wrenches. Watch the video
  8. Hey folks, I have a Webelos 2 scout who has done all the requirements for the Arrow of Light except camping outdoors as part of the outdoorsman. Is it possible to make an exception for him? He has 60% lung capacity and take breathing treatments. The parent suggested substituting an indoor activity that would be low exurtion for him like bowling with the Scout Troop. Is there any rules or suggestions anywhere to reference? What can we do? Thanks John Pack 20 CC
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