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  1. The troops in the area aren't delivering the promise of scouting, nor are they recruiting the Webelos properly. These answers are both for other threads, but troops are like ice cream, and there isn't a flavor that some of the boys like. So the pack that will support it, asked to have a troop started. Thanks for all of the responses. I got word from the council that they want 5 scouts and 5 adults for each new unit, per the New Unit Application, and really aren't into making exceptions for that, especially in the area that we are in, meaning that there really shouldn't be an issue
  2. Now that sounds like music to this guy's ears...WOOT! And if you would like, adopt this unofficial motto for the pack....it worked for ours.. "Many hands make light work..."
  3. That is really just their guideline...I am sure that if you approached the powers that be, they would be a bit more lax on that. Otherwise, ask them to open the inside cover of the New Unit Application and they will see what the requirements are...and I only know thanks to ghermanno...thanks
  4. here we go with the quoting of context, again... is that going to happen on this forum, too? I guess that I will have to leave this one, as some people never change *sigh*
  5. Ah, that is what I was looking for ghermanno...thanks...I knew that I had the numbers somewhere.... PEACE!!
  6. Ok, so now I have 3 different opinions... me - 3 scouts, 5 adults beavah - 4 adults, 5 scouts my de - 5 adults, 5 scouts but I understand that there can be dual, even tri-registered (EO, COR, CC can be the same person)....
  7. How many people are needed to start a troop? Adults and Scouts... I am having a discussion with my DE...I say 5 adults and 3 scouts... 1 SM, 1 COR/EO, 1 CC, and 2 MC 3 scouts, doesn't matter what age or rank, as long as they are Boy Scout eligible... DE says 5 adults and 5 scouts... Not that I want to doubt the DE, but there is a new unit that wants to start, they have 2 scouts and 5 leaders...they can get one more scout, but not 3 for another 10 months...
  8. Wow, love how these topics veer so far off course for someone who asked a simple question.... Biscuit, Yes, the CC and SM can be related...there is no BSA literature that states otherwise...good idea? no, and your story is another reason why it's not. As for the CC being the CC and an ASM...nope, can't be done. One or the other. Thirdly, if your son was "dragged out of his cot at 5 AM and humiliated" by the SM, get off this forum, and on the horn with the police...aggravated assault of a minor... If this is too far gone, leave the troop, find another and come back to le
  9. Wow...let's tackle this one by one. First, this SM should have had the SM Conference back in October, stating that he found these deficiencies, and what he needed to do to fix it, along with a timeline of how long he had to fix it [30, 60 days...really, no more]. That would have taken until the latest, Jan. 1. So he would have another SM Conference in January. If the SM still felt the same, outline and timeline the problems again, this time, should be no more than 30 days. That would be February...so the SM is making the mistakes here...regardless of whether your son is a "loner" or not.
  10. That is not true...anytime you switch a position in a unit, you must fill out a new application. Most people don't, but it's required. And yes, for every position change. Tiger Leader to Wolf Leader, none for changing to Bear Leader, you are still a Den Leader. Another app for changing from Bear to Webelos Den Leader. ACM to CM? yup....every change of position. Check with the DE on that one, and if they tell you "no", they are wrong. On the note of being the CC, the CM was way out of line if it comes to light that the CM put this scouter down for CC, without her knowledge. For what
  11. It isn't meant to coordinate, it's meant to be a seperate tool, to help with your planning, and to which, it should also be used as a template, or a guideline, not the end all to beat all...
  12. National should be relasing more information at the end of the month, if not the beginning of August... As for ScoutNut, don't kill the messenger...there is no reason to tear apart some information that I posted from LAST YEAR...it was a typical meeting layout...it works for those who take on a leadership role, but have no idea on what to do, and don't have the support in a pack like yours does... As a Unit Commissioner, I would reccmmend the program for new units, or for units that have a hard time with retention or advancement, which go hand in hand...it makes life a bit easier fo
  13. I have the program, here is a sampling from the Tiger portion of the program...I don't want to go any further, but this the layout for every rank, based on 2 meetings per month. September Meeting #1 [bobcat Badge, Tiger Cub Achievement 1: Making My Family Special (partial)] Preparation and materials needed: Index cards printed with the Cub Scout Promise enough for each boy and adult, a 3-ring binder foreach boy, 3-hole punched copy paper or construction paper, stickers, markers Gathering: Snack Record attendance Opening ceremony: Tiger Cub Motto: Search
  14. I'm sorry, I didn't get to finish my post, I had to walk out the door and didn't want to lose my train of thought, so I hit send and figured that I would come back later, so I am back. What I was getting at was that the Fast Tracks program really isn't a Fast Track to earning ranks, it is a manual...I know, being a den leader that it can be tough to get all the boys their ranks by Blue/Gold, and what to do at the den meetings, or how to plan them, and where to go. This program is really meant to be a guideline, not follow to the letter...really, I live in Wisconsin...one of the Wolf acti
  15. Fast Tracks is really a misnomer, I have been involved with it's use for the last 20-24 months and have found that it is really a good program...My whole pack uses it now, but it is what all of you have been saying it is. It is a den-based advancement program, as opposed to the original home-based program...I know that there may be some old school scouters that would opposed such an idea, but we are in a new millenium, and we need to do something to keep kids in the program. I guess that a retention rate in the 90-95% area will make one guess that there is something to it. It really is a
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