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  1. Let me clarify... the only other active committee member is the COR, and yes, I was put in the position without my knowledge or consent. Armed with the knowledge you all have so willingly provided, as well as referencing my books, and the online training, I sat down and made a tentative schedule for the pack. At last nights meeting, all of the parents in attendance informally went over it, and all voiced how thrilled they were that there was some structure finally being introduced. One of our new mothers stepped up for the Webelos leader position, we filled the secretary position, and we have decided that our new pack committee meets for the first time next Wednesday. Until we have more active parents, I'm afraid that several of us will be taking on many duties, but at least now we have a system of checks and balances in place that will help guide us. Our meeting last night was a blast, and I really do think it's because some of us finally knew what we were supposed to be doing. For the record, our CM was not there, as she was at a meeting for one of her children, but her son did come (which I found interesting, but did not discourage). Thanks to this board, and you smart folks, Pack 798 is charged for the future, and nothing's going to stop us now :)
  2. I'm unclear on it too... I filled out the adult application when I filled out my sons application, two weeks later, she told me I was the Assistant Cub Leader, then last week (a full five months later) she asked me to sign another boys application. When I asked why, she informed me that I was the CC and then turned around and walked away.
  3. Thank you for the advice As I said, I just found out that I was CC, and since have watched the training video supplied by BSA, which helped me understand the position better. Looking at our roster, there is only one other committee member, the COR, and I'll be speaking with her tomorrow night. I fully intend to follow the advice posted, and appreciate all the input. It's funny, I own and run my own business, but with little lives thrown in the mix, I found myself a complete basket case! So glad I found this site!!
  4. Yesterday at the Youth Expo, we learned that she is also the leader of her sons pack. Thing is, he comes to our meetings as well, and from what we've seen, most everything that is being done is geared toward advancing him. I'm of the thought that the only things she has her plate full with are the things that will advance her son to Arrow of Light, even at the detriment of the boys in our pack. Don't get me wrong, she's a wonderfully nice lady, she just doesn't seem interested in doing what the job entails. Due to our lack of leaders at the moment, she's at every meeting, and more often than not, they're conducted like a classroom lecture. I've purchased several Den in a Box kits, and have been hauling them with me to the meetings, and making several attempts to separate the Wolves and Bears from the Webelos so that my boys have some focus on their needs as well. Unfortunately, we are rarely given the opportunity to do so. Due to the fact that she's so involved with Scouts in her sons pack, as well as her husband being involved for years, they are both quite friendly with our Council Staff. Our pack meeting was visited by our Unit Commissioner, and they had a grand time chatting it up. I dislike confrontation, and I am terrible at it, but I'm feeling backed into a corner regarding the whole situation. My son, and the other boys, really want to participate, and I really want to make that happen for them. I've looked into starting our own pack, however, my sons school is a no go unless we can do the meetings right after school gets out. Our Assistant Cubmaster (who has said she would step up if need be) lives in a nice apartment complex, so on Monday I am going to call there to see if they might consider making the clubhouse available to our boys. In the meantime, I've made some recruiting flyers to hand out, and worked up a mock monthly schedule for the Wolves and Bears. I'm taking the Assistant Cubmaster to the Scout store on Saturday to buy her her uniform, and the Webelos leader book (so far, I'm the only one in the pack that has any of the materials, leader books, sing alongs, how tos, belt loops, etc..) as it looks like she'll be filling in until we figure this whole thing out. I have also looked into other packs, but feel dreadful about possibly leaving behind boys that could do so well given the right tools. Honestly, the more I think about it, the angrier I get
  5. Hello My son and I joined Cub Scouts in October of last year, and while we are excited about what Cub Scouts has to offer, many of the parents in our pack are quite disappointed in our Cubmaster. Over the last four months, we have lost no less than eight boys and their parents. Those of us that remain believe that our core issue lies in poor planning. For some reason, our Cubmaster refuses to do it. Our Pinewood Derby was delayed twice, rules weren't enforced until the area race (which left out many of the boys that were under the impression they were supposed to race), and we just last week found out about the Youth Expo that was held today, leaving us no time to plan or register for a booth. After our Super Saturday training in January, the Assistant Cubmaster and I went to her to let her know that we wanted to help make the pack stronger, and she indicated that she was grateful for the offer, but has yet to actually take us up on it. When we make suggestions, they are quickly shot down, or pushed aside for another meeting (has yet to happen). We've lost our Webelos leader and assistant and our Cubs leader (I was the assistant, am now assuming leadership, though have yet to be designated). As it stands now, we have about four or five boys who show up regularly. I found out last week that I have been placed as Committee Chair, and have since been to our local council office to obtain the rest of the roster. I honestly have no idea how I got the position, since no one ever discussed it with me, or what the job entails, but plan to fully step up. I have looked quite a bit for information on how to deal with a Cubmaster that isn't interested in what she's been placed to do, but haven't found much that is helpful as of yet. My question is, is asking her to step down an option here? It's my opinion, and that of several other parents, that she is unintentionally doing more harm than good for our boys, and we desperately want to fix the situation. We have an amazing group of boys that want to continue, and we don't want to let them down by doing nothing. Any advice? Thank you!