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  1. We did geologist at our local natural history museum. Actually the staff at the museum put it on as an event. Also, most of the boys had done at least 4 or 5 activities in 4th or 5th grade.
  2. I am a cadette leader, 10 girls in grades 8 and 9, I have been involved with this,my daughter's troop, for 9 years, when I stepped up to be leader when the initial leader quit mid year. I also have a 5th grade Webelos II, and we had our last den meeting last night. I have been their leader since Bears. They cross over on Friday night. All 6 boys have obtained Arrow of Light. Now I can get back to the girls. I am looking forward to more camping and leadership development with this group of girls. I also have worn the hats of SU manager, SU registrar, recruiter, and age level consultant at
  3. To all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides everywhere, Have a great day. We are thinking of you. Sassafras
  4. Look at the BS merit badge books and work them into Interest patches for the girls. Look at the new structure for interest patches. Help them learn, do, share and reflect on what they do. Make sure the girls want to go from being Girl Scouts to part of a Venture Crew. Maybe they want to be challenged by the program they are in. Yes, I know of many GS troops that go backpacking and high adventure trips. The program is changing again, but I see it as change for the better right now. I have previously used old GS handbooks from the 50's to help with new girls in the older troops.
  5. As others have posted, and you know from experience as a Girl Scout and a leader, the organizations set up their troops differently. I remember many ceremonies I participated in as a Girl Scout. As a leader, my troop has done 3 or 4 ceremonies a year where we hand out awards. We try to base the ceremonies around Girl Scout Holidays (e.g. Halloween is Juliette Low's Birthday, Thinking Day on February 22 and also during GS week in March) Many GS troops do things differently. It is up to the leaders and the girls to decide how to handle such things. IF you have a new sponser for your troop,
  6. My den walked this hike yesterday. We had great weather in the Cincinnati area, 51 deg F and sunny. Only 2 of my boys (Webelos II) showed up plus a Webelos I younger brother and my assistant den leader and myself. We had a great time stopping to look at and read the historical markers, going past Dan Beard's childhood home, talking with a couple of fisherman on the bank of the Ohio river, crossing the Licking river, checking out sculptures of historical figures along the Covington riverwalk. It was a good time and we crossed the Ohio river on the Roebling Suspension bridge, walked past the
  7. Remember for cub scouts we are talking front country LNT. This means plan ahead, manage your pet, trash your trash, stay on the trails, take nothing but pictures and memories, try not to leave even footprints, and one more that escapes my short term memory as I just went over this last night at my Webelos II den meeting. If you google front country leave no trace, you get some great sites.
  8. Annie, Hang in there! I just have a few questions as an experienced GS leader. What age level? How long has the troop been together? With a bed time of 8 for one girl, I am thinking that maybe brownies or young juniors. Definitely, meet at your convenince because you are the leader. Offer to hand over the reins if someone else wants to set time or place. We cannot accomadate everyone. Do you contact by email about events? Then everyone can get info at about the same time frame depending on when they check their emails. Sassafras
  9. I am a Web II den leader, and yes I feel only scouts should be in uniform, but lets not be Girl Scout bashing. I have an older GS troop and my Webelo scout wants to do the things he did as a tag-a-long for my GS troop. I took 3rd grade, 8 yr old brownies camping often. They could tie knots, identify many plants (not just poisonous), do kapers, hike, etc. The programs are different, but so are the individual troops. If you have a girl who wants the outdoors, call your local GS office and find her a troop that is into those things. (and if one doesn't exist, start one!) Not all GS's are bo
  10. I have not done pulp and paper yet, as my boys are still Webelos. I do know that International Paper has a website, www.internationalpaper.com, under the 'our company' tab, then 'learning center', there are some materials that can be ordered for educators and scouts. Also under locations you might find a mill nearby. I do not know if they do any tours. I have made paper with my girl scout troop and it is fairly easy. A deckle can be made from a frame with window screening. sassafras
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