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  1. Thanks for those that have replied so far. I'm going to go into a little more detail on why the questions are being asked. First please know that Committee Chairman, Scoutmaster and myself (Assistant Scoutmaster)are fully trained. We have a couple other trained ASMs. The scoutmaster and myself are Woodbadge trained and have received our beads. 1. Meetings - Our current format is: PLC 15 minutes before the meeting Flags Oath Announcements Patrol Meeting/work on skills Merit Badge classes (usually two run at the same time) Game Scoutmaster Minute Retire Flags We'
  2. Our troop is experiencing some difficulties and we're look for some ideas and suggestion. Our Scoutmaster has three questions he wants to ask. They are: 1. What is the format for your meetings? 2. How does your troop define involvement and/or participation for scouts? 3. What are the expectations for scout leadership positions in your troop and how are they run? After there are a number of replies, I'll go into more detail some of the challenges our troop is facing. Thanks in advance! Yours In Scouting, Richard Clark Assistant Scoutmaster Omaha, NE
  3. Good Evening Scouters!!! For the past year and a half I have been working on a fundraiser for the Batchelder Family Scout Museum & Education Center which collects and displays historic items of the Mid-America Council. With this project we can generate funds to help preserve and properly display the artifacts of our council's past. The fundraiser has now come to fruition and I am proud to announce it: https://macsecure.waittinteractive.com/forms/form50.aspx There will be seven RWS's created for this set. Each patch will represent previous councils that now make up the curr
  4. Hi Everyone, Well, I need to start doing some major work in our Scouting museum regarding clothing and want to ask for experiences, suggestions and tips. We have many older uniforms. One goes back to the late 20's from what I can tell. But many from the 50's, 60's, 70's. This also includes a navy blue Sea Scout uniform that was just donated in the past week or so. It is pretty dirty and needs major cleaning. It came with a white sailors hat, but it's pretty discolored. So here goes the questions: 1. For uniforms, do we just dry clean? What is the best approach? 2. What
  5. My son has become a Troop Guide for a new patrol of Scouts that just started last night. I went and picked up his Troop Guide patch and patrol patches for the patrol that he is in. However, I wanted to check and see - do Troop Guides wear patrol patches for the patrol their helping or just their TG patch? Thanks in advance! Richard
  6. Scout Sunday was today. I didn't know if I should wear all of my medals or not: Eagle Parvuli Dei Ad Altre Dei Pop Pius XII I'm an Assistant Scoutmaster and decided to wear all of them. One person stated that I needed to have the medals pinned on the knot itself that I have on the uniform. I had never heard that before and it would be impossible for the religious awards since I have three. Does anyone know the "official" policy for placement of medals on uniforms for formal occasions? Thanks in advance! Yours In Scouting, Richard
  7. The Batchelder Family Scout Museum was a gift to the Mid-America Council. Anne Stuart Batchelder donated a large sum to the council so the museum could be built. The museum is an addition to the Durham Scout Center in Omaha, NE. Within the building is our Scout Shop. It currently is being remodeled and moved from a council owned to a National Scout Shop. My understanding with the manager is that the museum will not be able to sell Museum fundraiser items in the shop unless National will be selling them. That is also a drawback for our shop. In the past they would order and sell diff
  8. Thank you for all of the great suggestions and information. There has been a little bit of movement regarding the cabinets and fire extinguisher. First, the fire marshal came into the scout office/museum a couple weeks ago and stated that the extinguisher that was across from the museum was fine. They were not going to require one in that area. Personally I don't like it. If the marshal is not going to make a requirement, then I will have a hard time selling to the council about getting a fire extinguisher in the museum. I've done a lot of research and finally had it dawn on me
  9. I have called Tipisa and left a message. Will check again tomorrow. Checked with our council about a fire suppression system. The building was built in the in 1995 which was before there were city requirements. It is grandfathered in and does not need to have a suppression system. The museum was added to the existing building so the council again does not have to do anything. The argument is that they have extinguishers throughout the building. Currently there are not any in the museum or in the back room. Looks like I will have to petition for some. I'll be lucky if I get one.
  10. Hello, I'm the chairman for a scout museum that opened in 2007. I was asked to head the museum & committee up last year (volunteer). It's been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed working on it. There has been a lot of work and changes made in the past year which I'm proud of. We've just implemented an Activity Program for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts/Ventures. They go through the museum and then complete the activity packet. Upon completion they earn the new activity patch we've created for our museum. We have some great things hapening. What I want ask is about display cabine
  11. Here is information from the Mid-America Council regarding the Little Sioux Scout Ranch. This was released today and sent out in their mass e-mail: Little Sioux Scout Ranch Grand Reopening Remembering the Past/Rebuilding for the Future Hopefully everyone has heard about the grand re-opening celebration to be held at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch on May 2, 2009! Ceremonies begin at 10 a.m. on May 2 and are free to the public. Saturday, day-only activities for youth and Scouts are $5.00 per person. Youth and adult camping is available for all registered Packs, Troops and Crews from
  12. Our troop is working hard for the troop to be boy led. It's been taking some time. One of the things that I noticed since my son joined the troop was the lack of patrol and troop pride. That is starting to change. The patrols now have their own yells and are competing against one another in competitions and games. Another thing that we're going to start working on is creating patrol flags. What size (dimensions) should the patrol flags be? What is the best way to attach them to the staffs? I'm assuming either tying them or stapling? Should they have their own stand? Mind you,
  13. Hi Shortridge! Thank you very much for all of the suggestions and insight. It helps a lot. Yes, this is for my council's Hometown News committee for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. I am in the Mid-America Council. We cover three states (Nebraska, Western Iowa and part of South Dakota. There are 13 districts. I know that we will have several troops from different towns. Depending on who signs up for hometown news, we'll need to try to work with the local media. I'm good friends with the editor of our council's newspaper. She should have several contacts for me to work with
  14. Hi Shortridge, No, I do not have a journalism or public relations background. I've been a music teacher, special education teacher, agent recruiting & selection consultant, trainer, network specialist and now an implementation specialist. I have close to ten years in computers. Through all of my experience, I've had to create a lot of documentation for training, and creating programs. At the present time I'm the chairman for our council's museum and have created the mission statement and guidelines for the museum. Also, I currently write articles for our council's newspaper for b
  15. Well, I got to attend a jamboree 20 years ago as a youth. Had the time of my life. Was patrol leader, bugler and hometown news correspondent. Lost my ID to get into a private conference with Steven Spielberg the day he was arriving. Went back and got a new ID and had a professional photographer invite me to cover Spielberg's arrival at the arena by choppper. I got a great shot that was published and it's a great memory. I write that to give a little background. Now to the present. I'm on the Jamboree planning committee for my council. In fact I chose to be on the Hometown News com
  16. We just had a 2010 National Jamboree Planning committee meeting which included all the selected leaders for the first time. What was interesting and neat to see were how many had a jamboree patch on their uniform they had been to. In fact of the three leaders for the troop I will be in, I was the only one that didn't have a jambo patch on. I'm going to probably put the jamboree patch on from 89, the one I attended onto my winter uniform.
  17. Thanks for all of the replys so far. 1. Regarding the international brotherhood patch / world crest, since I didn't "earn" it, it won't go on the uniform. 2. The recruiter strip won't go on there as well. I agree with what has been posted that it should only be youth. 3. I appreciate the feedback about this and not raiding my father's or my patches. I will try to find the fully embroidered numbers (I have applied to get on Patch-L and awaiting approval. Thanks for letting me know about it Trevorum) 4. The OA flap is still up in the air. Those that are interested, th
  18. HI Kraut-60 Yes, I was referring to the world brotherhood scouting patch that is purple and goes up over the left pocket. I understand where you're coming from regarding the recruiter strip. It also makes sense that only the boys wear it. The troop numbers and OA flap are the biggest issues for me to figure out right now.
  19. Earlier this spring I was asked to become the chairman for our council's scout museum. It is something that I have embraced and enjoyed. It's also a lot of work! The museum focused on mainly items from our council. We do have collections of jamboree patches, region mugs, etc. But the focus is on our council. Recently we had a "garage sale" to sell duplicate items or items that were not from our council. I came across an old olive short sleeve shirt (with collar) that fit me and my mind went into overdrive. To make a long story short, it has turned into a mission to put an old unifo
  20. Absolutely Trevorum!!! Thank you very much for the trade! This was the first time I did a trade through a bbs and it was neat. It's great to find other scouters to talk with and trade with!!! Thanks again!!!
  21. Bob, I did not mean to offend or get you as hot as your post sounded. As was posted earlier, the jacket is a neat conversation piece. There are some folks out there that are super stringent to follow exactly every little point to uniforms, jackets etc. And they jump down anybody that deviates one bit. Those are the "Nazis" I was referring to. It takes away from the scouting spirit. I tried hard when a Cub leader to nicely educate folks on how the uniform was to be set up. And I'm doing that for Boys Scouts as well. But come on, this is a jacket. Think of a high school letterman's
  22. In the past I kept my patches in albums and have taken good care of them. Of course I have a ton of them. And I have a lot that I received from the many activities over the years. My wife has made me do some rethinking over the years of if I have them, why don't I use them or show them off. So some of them are in albums. But why not put the activities out on the jacket? I've seen many folks that have their jackets with lots patches on there from the activities they've done. I've also seen vests, but to be honest, you're not gonna see me wear a vest. So putting them on there isn't g
  23. My son bridged over to Boy Scouts in February. So I became an Assistant Scoutmaster again. My wife was really nice and bought me a red jac shirt for my birthday which was in March. I'll grant you they're pricey. But it has been useful and warm for cooler weather. I've read on other sites about what should and shouldn't go on the jac shirts. Currently I have an OA back patch from the eighties (firey Indian Chief - Chief of many flames!) and the BSA patch on the front left pocket. There is a part of me that wants to put a couple other patches on there besides what is "official". The
  24. Hello, I'm looking for a RWS for either the Covered Wagon Council or Mid-America Council. A Covered Wagon strip I would like to put on a old Cub Scout uniform that I purchased not too long ago. The strip was removed before I bought it. The Mid-America Council RWS I would like to put on an old olive uniform that would be for special occasions. I recently purchased an old olive uniform and have vintage patches for it. I'm an Assistant Scoutmaster and thought this might be cool and unique. I'm willing to trade or buy. Thanks in advance!
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