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  1. Qualified boy was not allowed for election process. This boy met the eligibility: 1st Class, 15 days and night camping, but this boy was not included with 4 boys that started at the same time and have done the same amount and some of them even less. This boy is not a deteriment to the troop in any form quite the opposite actually recently was elected a his 7 person patrols' patrol leader. Unfortunately he was the only one left off the ballet. I spoke to our council's OA person on the subject not knowing why this boy who was not included for election by his peers based on the nationa
  2. This is from scouting.org at the following link: http://www.scouting.org/media/insigniaguide/10I.aspx "A jamboree emblem is worn above right pocket by a Boy Scout/Venturer or Scouter who is registered to attend or attended the jamboree as a registered participant or staff member. Both a world and a national jamboree patch may be worn--one current national jamboree patch above the right pocket and one current world jamboree patch on the right pocket. " I am not an attorney but this is vague. The word "one" causes the confusion. If it was clear the word "one" should say "the" th
  3. You know what GW I thought I was asking a simple question I didnt know your opinion was the final word on the subject. As someone stated earlier there isnt a clear concise explanation of the subject matter. You feel there is. I actually have been attending adult leadership specific training and a trainer was there with a 2001 Jamboree patch last week he told me it was ok as long as I earned it. I have not put it on the uniform it was a question as said you feel it is wrong. Perhaps then you should call the national BSA office and have them make the uniform standards more clear for us that
  4. NewLdr


    Sorry, I'm back in boy scouts as a leader after having been a scout in the late 70's early 80's. I was thinking "Scouter" was a boy scout not an adult leader that is what my confusion with the scouting.org explaination.
  5. NewLdr


    "Arrow of Light Award, cloth, red and green knot, green to right, No. 05018, Scouter only, above left pocket. " Sorry this is what is says on scouting.org It isn't too clear just figured I would as since is says "Scouter only"
  6. NewLdr


    Another question about knots what about a youth wearing the Arrow of Light knot? While actually wearing the Arrow of Light Patch under their pocket? Arrow of Light Award, cloth, red and green knot, green to right, No. 05018, Scouter only, above left pocket.
  7. No I agree it is hard to understand the specifics or the original thought. I does seem that if you follow that view you shouldn't wear a Jamboree patch if is not the current one. Regardless of my original question it does seem what you are saying if you participated in any Jamboree 2001 or earlier you should remove the patch if it is on your uniform.(This message has been edited by NewLdr)
  8. Gold Winger, I did see that note but did put the question in since it isn't too clear. If you were a leader and served 2005 Jamboree but didn't go to the 2010 jamboree should you yours 2005 patch off after the 2010 Jamboree? It isn't clear I thought I would ask and as Buffalo Skipper indicated it was the last National Jamboree he and I participated in.
  9. I can't seem to find any information on the subject. After digging through my old scout stuff with my son when I was a scout I have found few items from the 1981 National Jamboree I attended as a 15 year old including a few jamboree patches in great condition. Since this isn't a rank advancement I was wondering what the policy was on a current adult leader wearing a Jamboree patch they earned as a youth? Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on the subject.
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