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  1. "She says they cannot be ordered until all the requirements have been completed. Is this true? You can't order belt loops in anticipation of the boys finishing the requirements? Since she won't order them now, they'll have to be done with the next order, which is after we break for the summer. Which means some boys won't get them until we start up again in the fall." Our local scout shop told me that this was the case for rank badges -- the badge is technically not "earned" until the advancement report has been submitted for it. (I got a firm talking-to when I went to buy the Tiger Cub ba
  2. I'm the newly-appointed Pack Committee Chair for our Pack, and one of my goals is to make sure that we are delivering the program that our pack families actually WANT to see. (Crazy idea, I know.) Traditionally, this pack "shuts down" for the summertime, as we are closely tied to our CO's school. I have wanted to see activities planned for the summer months, but the veteran leaders have said that most of the time, the families are ready to be done with scouting and would like to take a break. Fair enough, I suppose. Not everyone is as gung-ho as I am. I figure the summertime might b
  3. Hey Stosh -- I guess dialect wasn't quite the right word. ASL is a distinct language from other sign languages, of which there are many. There may be some overlap, but I have heard (from my instructor, when I took an ASL course) that most other sign languages are not really compatible. The course I took taught it as a separate language, not as "here's how to translate English into ASL"... which made it more difficult, but also drove the point home that it's not just a version of English that uses your hands instead of spoken words. Either way, I've forgotten the majority of it alread
  4. jblake47: "The same holds true for sign language. American Sign Language only applies to Americans." Actually, that's not technically true. American Sign Language (ASL) is a "dialect" of sign language that is separate and distinct from written and spoken English. There is not really a word-for-word translation so to speak (it can be done, but it is needlessly verbose and cumbersome) -- in fact, some people who are born deaf and use ASL as their "first" language have just as much difficulty learning to read and "speak" English as non-native speakers, due to differences in grammar, structur
  5. Hmmm... maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time seeing why this is something that would be added as NEW. Morse code (or "CW" for you dweebs like me who have a ham radio license) still has a dedicated following in some amateur and SW radio circles, but it has largely been overwhelmed and replaced by more efficient digital communication methods. And I can speak from experience -- I earned my ham ticket in the early 1990s, which included a 13wpm code test. Even then, it was on the way out with the No-Code Technician license class. Also, my understanding is that the interpreter strip i
  6. This thread is awesome. It's cool to hear folks weigh in (er, so to speak) with their own stories of motivation and success. I am also a big guy (6'5" tall), and decided to drop some of the extra weight a half-dozen or so years ago, as I was nearing 300 (am down to somewhere between 200-210 these days). My oldest son is a Tiger Cub this year, and I've had a great time becoming one of the pack leaders. While the rest of the leadership cadre is more or less fit and in shape, I've noticed that even some of the older boys are looking a little round for their age. In some cases, it's also not
  7. I can't find the official regs on the BSA site, but using MeritBadge.org gives me this info: Pack Committee Responsibility: "Recruit the Cubmaster and one or more assistant Cubmasters, with the chartered organization's approval." Pack Committee Chair: "If the Cubmaster is unable to serve, assume active direction of the pack until a successor is recruited and registered." Chartered Org Representative: "Help select the right leadership for the unit." Ultimately, I believe the final decision would rest with the Chartered Org. If you don't want to get the CO involved, I would a
  8. I would also suggest making a bit of a point to state that meetings will be "different" from now on. Not to say that you should publicly disrespect the former CM or trash-talk about the way he used to do things, but something along the lines of "we're going to make a few changes to the way meetings are run," or "we want to open it up to some new ideas and find out what you guys think would be exciting". The parents will pick up on what you're saying without you specifically needing to say it, and the boys might hear that and take an interest in coming back to see what's different. Ou
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