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  1. Sorry i didnt post the site address. http://hrctroop48.webs.com/ thanks
  2. Hello i am just simply looking for some feedback on how our troop website is looking. I know it could use a little updating. What I am looking for is feedback on the design and functionality of the site. Any suggestions would also be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
  3. Hello everyone. I am looking to complete some of the JSP sets from the 2001 Jambo. I am looking for the "Simon Kenton Council", "Burlington Council"(The Dragons), "National Capital Area Council' (12 points of the scout law), There may be others but i cant think of any right now. Please let me know. Thank You
  4. Im looking to organize all my patches to be able to show to the Troop everything i have earned while a scout. I figured that the best way to store and display is in a binder. Does anyone know where i can get the pages other that through BSA and Ebay?
  5. believe it or not sending a card is a great idea. He will really enjoy it and appreciate it since u took the time to write it.
  6. thank you everyone for your reply's. I have another favor to ask though. we also want to have the boys plan a long distance trip maybe somewhere in the country. we only have 1 1st class scout so high adventure is out for the time being. Again thank you very much.
  7. ok im looking for a list of historical trips in the north east. im not too worried about traveling. we have are yearly planning meeting coming up really soon and im looking to offer the boys some historical options. also if there is any additional information reguarding these trip (such as contacts, Where we can stay the weekend, and stuff like that) please feel free so send me a message. also feel free to give as many as you can think of. it would be a great help to me. thank you all very much. YIS Rob You can email me at ratboy1571@optonline.net
  8. can you give me some ideas to bring to the commetee about this. i understand how this needs to work but i dont know what the right questions are. thanx
  9. thank you all very much. heres another question. how should money get split up among the boys? is there a percentage they can get? how should this work? im working on implementing all this in to the program i made for this. thank you all again.
  10. i must say that the ADD or ADHD thing has gone WAY out of control. however, i can sympathize a little with the scout. myself being ADHD since i was 7 (now 21) i understand that sometimes it is hard to control your actions when you cant even focus on your own thoughts. But in all seriousness pulling a knife is not something an ADHD kid would do. Out of anger maybe but not because of ADHD. i remember that i got on peoples nerves all the time. and when someone did something back to me i always got some kind of punishment for instigating. no one has ever pulled a knife on me so i dont know how i w
  11. 4 years ago we started a troop and since then i always pushed that the adults should eat whatever the patrols make. although we dont seem to eat as well, the boys in our troop see the need to do there best to satisfy the leaders. myself being very close to their age(only 21) i find the boys always trying to make the best food possible to get me to eat with them. (believe me they do everything in their power). personally i like when the adults eat with the scouts. it gets us involved with there learning. everytime i eat with them i tell them where they could improve. however, i must say, when i
  12. we have yet to do it this year. but as soon as we do ill tell you how it goes.
  13. I have created an Excel Program which i feel is a very easy way to keep track of accounts. it can hold up to 100 scouts with almost no effort. Each scout has his own account page and that reverts all its information to a main page that shows everything. I may post it on our troop website when i work all the kinks out of it..
  14. Thats very true. since the rise in prices we have also seen a decient sized decrese in sales. we still do the fund raiser but its not what it use to be. on another note. our largest and most profitable fundraiser is our "Coffee Break". We live near I84 in NY. there is a rest area very close to where we live. we get permission from the state and we can go there and offer coffee, cakes, pies, bagles, and whetever we can get our hands on. all we do is put out a donation jar. we never ask people for money. its a great fund raiser and its really interesting to the boys. we have had people come
  15. what would you do about these issues. im sure i can figure out something about them. just looking for an opinion. anyone else feel free to give me your input. thank you very much.
  16. Fot the account program... what policies would you enforce? how would you make this work the best???
  17. is there anyway you can show me what u mean?
  18. Im looking to start this in my troop. How do i go about it and keep track of it? i dont have any programs to help me i only have excel and access. i was going to use access like bank records. and excel to do all the math from all the fund raisers. any ideas??
  19. LOL thats actually something i can say we actually did. it was definately an awsome trip. we also incorperated ground zero in it as well. there was a lot of walking but it was still fun. thank you
  20. i live in dutchess county. about an hour north of manhantan. any ideas about trips ill take no matter how long the distance is. im just looking for ideas to give ideas to the scouts. also should i make requirements for them to follow. if so what would you do?
  21. i must agree that scout recruitment is the best way to go. there is a patch called the recruter patch that the boys like to recieve.
  22. Ok i am looking for a little help with this coming years program. The troop is now getting to the point where there are actually older scouts in it. i want to be able to offer them more options for the coming year. When i was a scout, which was only in the last 10 years, we went on several historic trips(Washington D.C., Boston, Gettysburg.) Does anyone know of any other good historic trips near NY? Last years program was good but it could have had a little more to it. Any other fun trips out there that is something other than camping? like something a little fun for a day trip or what n
  23. gas hasent really affected us as of yet since almost all of our camping is close by or with-in 15-30 miles. since our troop is still very young, being our oldest boy is 13, we havent really taken that step toward long distance camping. Just for a point of reference. gas here is $3.19/Gallon at its cheapest. Rob Dutchess County NY
  24. i forgot to look at your site before i posted. Looking at it i really like the layout. and the information is very clear. but i must say that i think that you could cosmedically tweet it a little bit. personally i think its more eye attractive when the background doesnt move with the text. i also like the frame pages but in that everyone is a little different. really i cant see how else to make it better. but i would make it a little more eye appealing by adding some catchy things like lites or pop-up things or something. but like i said its a great website. if you want to know how to do
  25. Here is my site. i would love to know what people think of it. http://www.geocities.com/hrctroop48
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