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  1. Hello everyone, In this world of the World Wide Web, every unit, council, lodge, etc. wants to know how their site is, myself included. Are there any possible Evaluators out there who would be willing to review some websites? This could be helpful for any OA Lodge that is hoping to compete in the Website Competition at NOAC this summer. My lodge website is: www.waupecanlodge.com I would be willing to extend an evaluation as well.
  2. Proud Eagle, This statement you made is partially incorrect. "Also, check out the recent OA ceremonies DVDs released at the last NOAC. In this ceremony the candidates were seated for the legend. Obviously this indicates some sitting is OK." I also own this set of DVDs and during the evaluation of the Ordeal Team, the Evaluator states that when Meteu had the candidates sit, it was not right. This was because it made it seem like Meteu was talking down to the candidates. Also, when you have them sit, it can make them lose their attention span. I know that this thread was not
  3. Here is the link where it will be posted come January: http://www.oa-bsa.org/programs/calendar.htm I went to the Central Region NLS in Parkville, MO and I learned so many new things about leadership, if you participate you will have a good time. I doubt that NLS will be in Wisconsin. They try to pick a somewhat centralized location throughout the region, but there is a possibility. Yours in WWW, Jim Naprstek
  4. I was elected to the Order of the Arrow at age 11, completed my Ordeal at age 12, then became a Brotherhood member at age 13. Now I am 13 and just finished Eagle, and you can not possibly say that I did not earn it. I am the farthest thing from a "paper eagle". Yes it is rare, but you will occasionaly see that special Scout who will shock everyone with what they accomplish at their age. Our lodge (Waupecan Lodge 197) is completely run by 13-17 year olds and it is actually pretty neat, because everyone gives 120% every time they do something. I believe that the young Scouts will start to
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