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  1. What aboout the Bull Knot, Either a white or black bull, for those that are full of it.
  2. Chief Decorah you asked: When your unit does fundraising, do you have specific fundraisers for the unit's treasury and specific fundraisers for the Scout accounts, or do you take the proceeds of every fundraiser, regardless of type, and split it, say 80%/20% or 60%/40%? Reply Im still learning the ropes in my troop, Im a fairly new ASM. However I did have an interesting discussion with a friend that became popcorn chair my district. According to her one of the things most people forget is that there are three components to raising money and most people only focus on two, they ar
  3. First off, thank you to all that have responded. I knew I wasnt the only one that faced these kinds of problems. Well let me address some of the replies. LisaBob you wrote As for getting the boys enthused about participating in your fundraisers, I think you need to look at their understanding of what the money pays for, and how the money is used. Reply Excellent point, matter of fact we had a Canoeing Merit Badge class and I discussed some of that with the boys in my car. Interesting to see their side. Does your troop have individual scout accounts? I havent asked that q
  4. All, I've been reading through the posts on fundraising and have enjoyed the feedback to questions poised. Now its my turn to toss one out there and see what happens. First some background: Since I have been with the Troop, my son bridged last year, I have noticed that there really is not much effort put into fundraising. This surprised me since the Pack with the same charter organization usually raised enough money on popcorn to meet the needs of the pack for the year. Believe me it was quite a bit since the pack provided almost all the boys needed with the exception of uni
  5. Just finished my WB course SR-764 All of the WB participants noticed the staffers with their cups hanging from their cup dongles the first weekend. As far as the stuff goes: Part of the course was * Hat with the course number on the side * Participants notebook (well Duuhhhh) * T-shirt with the course logo * Woggle (they gave us the cord and we made our own) * Neckerchief * Hat/Cup dongle * Stave * A carabiner with course number and theme engraved on it, after I had my ticket approved a WB coin What did I buy? * A Leather Belt (Pre-ordered * A WB buckle fo
  6. Just finished my second weekend of WB, WOW what an experience To continue with THE SONG I used to be an Antelope a good ol Antelope too But now I'm finished Loping, I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble and I can't Lope no more. So I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Back to Gilwell Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Now where are the Staffers????
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