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  1. Updating topic with a question. Any lady Scouters on here remember the blue uniform blouses? I found a "bunch" of these. Variety of sizes. I think most are short sleeves. Some have patches. Some have no BSA markings except for the inside label. There are also a few blue pants. And even a skirt and culottes. Anyone interested? they are yours for the cost of shipping.
  2. Do councils still have Cub Scout Universities or POW WOWS "
  3. Thanks for all the comments. Looks like we were not the only ones that let Scouting over run their house and now needs the space back. Will never lose my love of the program but am not so involved anymore and no "young ones" in the area wanting to learn the old ways.
  4. Does anyone still have POW WOWs and create and use POW WOW BOOKS? Do leaders still use crafts and games with their den? I just found a good number of books that I can send for the cost of shipping. Some are from GNYC and Hawk Mountain but I see other areas of the country in the pile. There are also books on puppets, skits and crafts. Do you still hold a University of Cub Scouting? I hope to find homes for these before they go to the landfill. What do you do with older training materials and books and craft directions and supplies? Thanks, C
  5. I still have the pow wow books and other Cub Scout training materials if anyone is interested
  6. add small ones form North Bay Council, MA and dos Ranchos District - has resource pages, may have been Roundtable Handouts. I also have individual sections from a Den Leaders Funshop. Some den chief training materials. I think there are Song books , and maybe old ceremony books and other activity. anyone for early Tiger materials, or Ethics in Action And years and years of copies of directions and patterns for craft activities. then there is the question of what do you do with old Training course materials. I have both Cub and Boy Scout courses even some WB
  7. Here is a partial list of Pow Wow books "The Greatest Show of Earth" Hawk Mountain Council, 1998, "Cub Scouting New Frontiers" Hawk Mountain Counci, 1999 over 1" thick National Capital Area Council. Cub Scouts on Parade, 1997 about 1" thick Queens Council, NY, Wild, Wild, West, 1996 about 1" thick I found a couple of other big ones, but they look like they got wet. Then I am finding a lot of Cub Scout Leader training books. How To Books, A lot Program Helps. Let me know if I should keep looking.
  8. OK, I'll get to working organizing them and let you know a little more on what I have.
  9. Conehead. I would be glad to send some books to you. How many and what kind of materials would you like?
  10. If any one is interested I have various POW-WOW books from my 40 years in Scouting. Also older how-to and other Cub Scout books. I'm willing to send them to you for the cost of postage. I would love for them to find new homes. I have several packets of handout for various "funshops" and other training events. I was very into crafts and my basement shows it. I also have years and years of other Scouting memorabilia and uniforms - both male and female in all sizes.
  11. To anyone one looking for uniforms. I have a large number of various sizes and styles. If you need a yellow blouse and can use one that may not be the latest version, I would love to hear from you. Time to clean out and downsize
  12. I'm going to try to reactivate this thread about uniforms and what to do with them. First question. Do female den leaders still wear the yellow blouse? I am not connected with a unit and don't know any well enough to hand over things. I have both female and male uniforms of various types and sizes. So I need your suggestions in what to do with them, Thanks
  13. Another BUFFALO here. but with a split personality Beaver - BS Buffalo - CS
  14. Have a Wed-O-Ree with your wedding reception in a scout camp, give mugs and patches as favors, pack your uniforms and go to a Gilwell WOOD BADGE reunion in England for your honeymoon. Charli
  15. How different is the information/slides for the patrol sessions on the New DVD from the old CD? Can the slides from the CD be used? Can files from the DVD be copied over to a CD? (My computer DVD player quit working.) Thanks Charli
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