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  1. Any materials museum worthy have already been donated. These are course syllabuses from the 80's and 90's. There is a Boy Scout round table program guide that has a lot of hand outs.

    Reuse or recycle

    Thank you for your replies, Magazines, not old enough to be of historical value. Some articles might be worth cutting out but with so much now accessible online no one want to go to the work. The other materials are course syllabuses from the 80's and 90's. Again so much has changed/updated and available on line that I haven't found anyone interested.

    Reuse or recycle

    What is the time line on Scouting materials? Is there any need to continue to keep old training materials, books, copies, posters ? Some going back 30 years (why have we kept them this long)? Any one interested in a copy of an original "Cornerstone" Boy Scout leader training? There materials for all levels from Tiger through Wood Badge. Next step is recycling if there is no need for them. Scouter and Boys Life mags are tied up ready to go. Patches and trinkets are in the process of finding homes. Thanks for feedback.
  4. Is there any purpose in keeping old cub and boy scout training materials - books and handouts etc. There is everything from Wood Badge on down. Including old cubsout and boyscout basic leader training. I see various books for commissions, committee members, Webelos and even original Tiger Cub leader. You the idea there is close 100 years of combined collections. If no need for them - off they go to recycling as we need the space. Can anyone help? I will give lists on request and will send for the cost of shipping.

    Pow Wow Books - Dave Manchester

    Does anyone still use POW WOW BOOKS? I just found another bunch that I can send for the cost of shipping. Most are from GNYC and Hawk Mountain but I see other areas in the pile. I hope to find homes for these before they go to the landfill. What do you do with older training materials and books? Thanks, C