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  1. Anyone notice that your neckerchief is just a backwards face mask?

    1. Sentinel947


      No lie, before I stumbled my way onto a disposable surgical mask, I was using hankerchiefs. (None scout related ones) 

    2. TAHAWK


      No.  My glasses steam up with the neckerchief and not with a proper mask - exhaled air escaping without filtration - and entering no doubt.  Adhesive tape can help correct this deficiency with neckerchiefs.  

    3. qwazse


      Full disclosure, I stick with the surgical masks. Having a large jaw, most pre-molded face masks don't give me enough coverage. The necker, folded into a cravat is about the right filtration (depends on the type of fibers and how/how often they've been washed), but tying it so that air flow is directed down and sideways can be tricky.

      My unit-leader necker from WSJ would have been perfect, but I gave it away.

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