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  1. I have four Henry rifles: The BSA centennial edition, the Accubolt and a Goldenboy all in .22 caliber and a brass and octagon barrel 30/30. They are all outstanding rifles, but I dont shoot the centennial rifle.
  2. I purchased one and the plaque to hang on the wall above my desk. It is an excellent quality rifle. I also have a Henry acu bolt in .22lr we use for the rifle shooting merit badge. I also own a .22lr henry golden boy and a brass and octagon .30-30. All three are excellent shooting rifles. I am considering purchasing the eagle scout rifle for my soon to be son in law.
  3. I highly recommend you text Powderhorn High adventure training as soon as possible. The Jayhawk council is having one in October.
  4. Lets get to the foundation of the issue for us new to scout kilts known as tenderlegs. What does one wear under, if anything at all, the kilt?
  5. Cheer up and congrats on your first Woodbadge weekend. Just remember, when the chips are down, you know the buffalo have been through.
  6. According to the National Supply website this afternoon, the Jac-Shirt is no longer in the closeout apparel section but is now back in the regular BSA apparel section. So what gives, Is National discontinuing it or not, does anybody know?
  7. Removing the pant leg zippers appears to be inconsistant with National Supply's intention of making the uniform more action friendly or outdoors oriented. When you are in the middle of a hike or backpacking expidition it will be a real pain to stop and find a place to sit down (and likely have to remove your pack) then take off your boots just to take the plant leggings on or off. This will be especially true in inclemnet weather or quickly changing weather conditions. In my opionion scouters and scouts could be much better served just by offering more choices to the inseam lenghts other
  8. They overlooked putting a button on the left breast pocket too. Now where are does one hang the powderhorn emblem from??
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