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  1. It's on ebay, I was thinking its a 20 year veterans pin. http://cgi.ebay.com/Boy-Scout-XX-Goldplated-Pin_W0QQitemZ110288397987QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item110288397987&_trkparms=72%3A1209%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
  2. This weekend will be our Webelos first one as well. Being military, this is my first father/son campout ever. I went out and bought a tent and some quality sleeping bags for my son and I. I have some other gear from my 50 miler with my Venturing Crew a few years back. This campout is a District campout, basically an overnighter with BB Gun and Archery belt loop/pin work. I plan on working on Outdoorsman with the boys this weekend also and will be going over that during this weeks meeting. Any suggestions for an overnight packing list?
  3. BSAChaplain, thanks very much for your input. There is no Crew in our District, I have been researching various groups to find a niche. I am now working with the DE and will be contacting the Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders in the area for recruiting. I am following the Boyce guidleines for starting a new unit and will continue to use those as a guideline. I have been asked by the DE to be the Advisor, due to work schedule, I don't want to commit to it and not be able to do it. I believe I should follow the guidlines and form the commitee then look for the Advisor, although I know my name wil
  4. BCWhite


    Chug, This is something I would also be interested in for my Webelos to work on Communicator and learn about Scouts from another part of the world. Let me know if there is something we could work out.
  5. I recently moved into an area and through adults quiting and such have become a Webelos Den Leader. At one of our meetings, I was chatting with the DE and told him a little about my Scouting past. The last place I lived in I was a Wolf Den Leader and a Venture Crew Advisor. I enjoyed the Advisor role alot. Went on my 1st 50 miler in 20+ years and was impressed by the youth in the Crew. My son is going on 11 and moving into Boy Scouts. I want to move up with him when he goes. Back to my chat with the DE. Out District currently has no Venture Crews. There are 4 or 5 Boy Scout Troops that I kn
  6. GKlose and Snoring Roaring Bear, having read your posts I got to thinking and a light bulb popped up in my head. When I was a younger Scout my Dad had alot to do with my progress, he nudged me along when needed and encouraged me when I did well on my own. I did very well in Cub Scouts and left with every badge as well as my Arrow of Light. I went on to Boy Scouts and did very well, sometimes I got bored, but my father ensured I was signed up for everything and kept me going. I made it to Life rather quickly, as quickly as you can. Then my parents divorced and Dad moved away. I quickly left Sco
  7. GKlose, thanks for your input, I really want him to cross over and if I had understood the age rules, would have last year. He wants to do Boy Scout things, some of which we are doing as Webelos like camping. I think I'll let him work this fall on Webelos, take him camping a few times and let him cross over when he is ready.
  8. I have read this series of posts with great interest. I am a Webelos Den Leader with 11 boys in the Den. The total number of boys in the Pack is 20 (very small). 2 of the Webelos are in 5th grade, 1 is in his first year and the other (my son) is in his second. It is hard to balance the requirements the 2nd year Webelos need for AOL with the ones the boys need for their Webelos Badge. I planned on crossing my son over ASAP, but have since rethought it. Mostly based on maturity, but also would like him to cross over with the other 5th grade who will take longer to complete his requirements. I di
  9. Has the Nations Heritage award been discontinued? My Webelos Den has been working on it along with their requirements for their Citizen Activity Badge. I will be printing out the PDFs for your awards for them to work on their own, looks really good.
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