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  1. Current: 1 New Style Short Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt 1 New Style Long Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt 1 New Style Short Sleeve Nylon Tan Shirt 1 New Style Long Sleeve Nylon Tan Shirt 1 New Style Cotton Trousers/Shorts Green 1 New Style Nylon Trousers/Shorts Green 1 New Style Web Belt Green 4 New Style Crew Socks Green 1 New Style Cap, Green 6 Old Style Short Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt (Various units and positions) 2 Old Style Short Sleeve Cotton Tan Shirt 1 Old Style Long Sleeve Cotton/Poly Tan Shirt 3 Old Style Trousers Olive Green 1 Old Style Dress Trouser
  2. Does anyone know if a modern Baker tent is available? Something made from modern nylon or similar materials. Thanks.
  3. Regarding the source of the name for the Baker tent. I read somewhere that the Baker tent was named after the old relector type ovens that bakers used. Makes sense to me.
  4. I have a little Sony radio that has AM/FM/TV and NOAA weather capabilities. About the size of a pager, runs on one AAA battery and works well (needs an earphone or external speaker, cost about $30. I have carried it for several years and it realy works well. I also have a set FRS radios that have integrated NOAA weather station reception. We use these sometimes. For summer camp, I have a little tabletop Midland weather alert radio that works on regualr electricity or a 9 volt battery. I keep it in my tent on a small table. It has wether alert. To big for backpacking though.
  5. While this topic may be appropriate for the uniform forum, I decided to post it here. While there are some "official" and what I call "semi-official" jackets available for wear with Scouting uniforms, the Insignia Guide says the are optional. While the jackets available from the Scout shop such as the Jac-Shirt, and other jackets may be ok for wear at activities such as meetings, I don't think that they may be suitable for outdoor/high adventure type activities. Cool, cold, and wet whether may cause jackets to be more than optional. I think that for most Scouting situations, mos
  6. Owl62

    The new uniform.

    I saw that in the brochure. But I am not exactly sure what it means though If taken word for word, it would seem to mean that one can mix any component of any of the existing or new components, including insignia and accessories. And I am not sure that is the intent. But I could be wrong. I'm not too worried about it but I am sure it will be a topic for quite a while.
  7. Owl62

    The new uniform.

    This may have already been addressed here but there are just too many messages to go through to find it: Is it permissible to mix components of the "old" (Tan Shirts, Olive Pants and shorts, caps, belts, and insignia) with the "new" Centenial uniform? Examples: Old shirt and insignia worn with the new pants? New shirt and insignia worn with old pants or old switchback pants? Old insignia (white/red numbers, trained patch, red shoulder tabs, etc.) worn on new shirt? New insignia (green/tan numbers, green/tan trained patch, green shoulder tabs, etc) worn on the old shirt? Old re
  8. Owl62


    Does anyone here know of a source for tan colored hook and loop fasteners (Velcro)? Specifically I am looking for this material in 3 in round shapes for position patches but would be interested in other shapes in tan color as well. Thanks.
  9. Owl62

    The new uniform.

    I like the new tan and green unit numbers and position patches. But I wish that the shirt came with velcro for the unit numbers and position patch to meet the needs of those in multiple units. Actually, I would like to see the same uniform colors for all programs, with different shoulder loop colors for the programs. That would sure simplify things. I too am a little unsure of the sleeve pocket. And I am unsure about the color change for the pants. Is suspect it it to move away from the olive green which looks very "military". But some military forces around the world do
  10. Owl62

    New Uniform?

    I keep hearing about a new uniform being introduced. I hear a new uniform is supposed to make an appearance in May or June. Anyone out there know anything about a new uniform?
  11. I have converted to nearly all LED lights. I carry a LED light from Inova that is powered by 1 AA Battery. It has a magnifying lens and this serves as my primary flashlight. About $20. I also carry a Photon Microlight on a neck chain - This way, I always have it with me. About $12. I have a LED headlight powered by 3 AAA batteries. Good for setting up in the dark. About $12. I have a LED "Cap" light that clips under the brim of a cap. Uses 4 2016 lithium cells. I use this light only sometimes as the batteries are expensive. I use a "packable" Coleman fluorescent lant
  12. Venturing is a very unique program within the BSA. The Sea Scout program is part of the Venturing program. Venturing Crews can adopt their own uniforms or can adopt the official recommended Venturing uniform. Crews operate though an organization of elected officers. And crews can have specific focus areas. Boating and seamanship, general high adventure, SCUBA, Ham radio, equestrian activities, etc. I don't view Venturing as Scouting's next step, but as another different step. As a Boy Scout leader (still am), I have been able to come over to Venturing and adapt to the program ve
  13. I once taught a class on the "Jackknife" to a group of Girl Scouts at the Girl Scout equivalent of a Boy Scout Camporee. I seem to recall that the requirements were in one of the Girl Scout manuals. There really want not much in the manual about it. I don't remember which manual. And it was more of a skills class than a competition or game. A jackknife is just one type of knives generally considered "pocketknives". In Boy Scouting we consider knives as tools an teach the safe handling, use, and care of them in a program called Totn' Chip which is part of the Second Class Rank requi
  14. Owl62

    The neckerchief

    Our troop adopted a standard BSA neckerchief about 3 years ago. They are free to wear any appropriate neckerchief slide but most wear the standard Boy Scout slide. The neckerchief is worn at all COH, other formal events, when we are attending activities where it is appropriate to wear. Some of the Scouts wear it whenever in uniform. They may wear the neckerchief either over or undr the collar. Adults who are Wood Badgers normally wear the Wood Badge Neckerchief for formal occasions. Personally, I like neckerhiefs, for tradition if no other reason. But they do seem a natural part o
  15. As I mentioned before, our troop has several troop owned, Timberline 2 and 4 moan tents. But most of our Scouts have their own tents. Usually, they use the troop owned tents at first, then later then get their own tents. We encourage this. Using a troop owned tent initially helps keep costs down for the Scouts and their families. I have never seen much use for the concept of uniformity in troop tents. First, not many campsites we have used are well suited to setting all the same tents up in neat little formations. Second, the tents don't stay uniform long (components are lost or
  16. I thought that Learning for Life, which Exploring is a part of, is part of the BSA???
  17. An eligible Scout or Scouter, who was elected (in the case of youth) or nominated (in the case of adults) and did go through the Ordeal are then mumbers of the OA. My question is, what about later, when the Scouts or Scouters are in units or positions that are not eligbile for for election / nomiations and go through the Ordeal. Examples would be: A Boy Scout, who was elected, and completed the Ordeal and was an OA member; but then drops his membership as a Boy Scout and joins a Venturing Crew (or even an Exploring Post). Is this young man eligible for continued membership in the OA
  18. I would like to read some opinions on campsite gateways. I have never been too keen on campsite gateways. I think they are unnecessary, involve unnecessay materials, labor, and expense, and are contrary to Leave No Trace. While they may help teach knots, lashings, and pioneering and other skills, I think the time and effort could generally be put to better use. It seems that some units nearly always construct campsite gateways, especially when they are camping where other Scouting units are present. Some are very simple, most are somewhat elaborate , and others are very elaborate.
  19. Lee, Hi. Based on the information you wrote, as I understand it: If I may, a correction. It is Venturing Crew, not Venture Crew. OA really has no associate with Venturing other than it is also a Scouting program but is associated with Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts. Unless I am mistaken, as a Venturer (a youth member as you are under 21), you can be a member of OA as long as you are also registered in a Boy Scout troop (as an adult as you are over 18). So in Venturing you are a youth member and in Boy Scouting you would be an adult member (I believe Assistant Scoutmaster is
  20. I, and perhaps some others here, would like to know what councils in the BSA have implemented mandatory training for adult Scouters. I have seen two mentioned in this thread, and one that used to have mandatory adult leader training. Any others out there? I'm not really interested in whether we agree with it or not, just which council have implemented mandatory adult leader training. Thanks.
  21. Does anyone know if Commissioner training is only available through council sponsored colleges of Commissioner Science or are they available similar to to leader specific training courses offered by various councils? In our council, we have a University of Scouting which offers a College of Boy Scouting, Cub Scouting, Venturing, and Commissioner Science. The Boy Scouting, Cub Scouting, and Venturing programs are supplemental training and attendees are supposed to have completed training required for their registered position in order to attend a U of S. Is the College of Commissione
  22. Our troop owns several 2 and 4 man Eureka Timberline tents. Most if good to fair condition. They have see years of use. But most of our Scouts, especially after the first year, tend to buy their own tents - usually small backpacking sized tents. We are fine with that, in fact, we actually encourage it. Saves the troop money and the Scouts have to actually take ownership and responsibility for THEIR tent which they know means the difference of having a effective shelter, or, not.
  23. I don''t have a problem with cell phones or other electronic devices unless they detract from or interfere with the Scouting program or pose a safety issue. We ask Scouts and Scouters to use cell phones, and other items appropriately for the circumstances. One of the things the Scouting program is about is developing a sense of responsibility and accountability - not a bunch of restrictions. So far, in our unit, cell phones, and other items have not posed much of a problem.
  24. Just based on what the original submitter wrote, it appears that unit has set some rules about popcorn sales. I supposed that is within their rights, but I don''t think it good idea, especially as stated. While unit dues are not unheard of, I feel that $100 is excessive. In our unit, we do not have dues; everyone pays the $10 recharter/registration fee; and we all pay as we go. We also participate in popcorn sales, but no one is required to sell any certain amount or even participate at all. Works for us. Regarding the popcorn sales and dues, before I would join such a troop, I would
  25. What about LDS female youth who are of Venturing age? It is my understanding that the LDS church does not support Girl Scouts or Venturing for its female youth members and that they have a LDS program for female youth. Are LDS female youth who are of Venturing age permitted to join Venturing Crews chartered by other organizations? Would they encounter any difficulties if they did so?
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