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  1. Anarchist, As I stated, I don''t have a problem with dues, I just thought the amount was a bit high. Our old unit was in a rural, low income area and yearly dues were $50. Several have stated $100 is not out of line, and I thank you for your perspective. This trip is not an incentive, and selling $750 in popcorn doesn''t pay for any of the trip, it is a prerequisite for being eligible to attend. The trip sounds neat, am I am happy to pay for my boys to attend, however I was given a letter today when I picked up our "presale popcorn" outlining these requirements. I know my boys enjoy being a pa
  2. We have recently moved to a different state, and at the new unit we have been given a paper to sign stating we must sell $400 worth of popcorn or we will owe $100 in dues, AND to be eligible to go on the spring trip, my son must sell $750 in popcorn. It is clearly stated on the paper that scouts that cannot just skip the popcorn sale and pay for the trip out of pocket. My boys have always participated in the popcorn sale in our old unit, but these strong-arm tactics are turning me off. Is a unit able to require you to sell a certain amount of popcorn to participate or to go on a trip? I unders
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