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  1. I also recommend the Tinker for the Scouts in my Pack. Built like a tank, relatively inexpensive, and small enough for Cub hands (paws???).
  2. 1. Welcome to the Forums! 2. Thanks for reviving a 5 year old thread. 3. This horse has been beaten to death over and over in other threads. 4. There isn't much of a garment industry left in the USA, not that it can't or won't come back here ever.
  3. Thanks for throwing all of us under the bus based on a single bad experience. Your open minded attitude is sure to make everything better. How about demanding a meeting with the Scoutmaster to find out what happened and what they intend to do about it? If you don't get any satisfaction there, how about contacting the Chartering Organization, since they own the Troop, or the Council since they are the local representatives of BSA.
  4. Our popcorn sale has the customers pay at the time of order. The Scout or their family turns the money in with the order. I have yet to have a problem with this system. If someone wants to do a show & sell, they would have to post a deposit for whatever they have me order for them- but this has yet to happen.
  5. I also use a Google website. I bought the domain name through GoDaddy, but host it on Google. The calendar is attached to an email address that we use for most Pack communications- this forwards to my email address, but can be set to forward to anyone in the Pack as the leadership changes over time.
  6. As I already stated, there is nothing that states that one person has to be the adult partner for each meeting/event. So does every possible person need to fill out an adult application??? I was my son's adult partner before I became ACM, and my ex-wife signed him up using her address, since that is where he lives most of the time. I was NEVER asked to fill out any paperwork to be his adult partner, nor was my dad asked to fill out anything for the occasional meeting that he attended in my place. I'm not trying to be argumentative here. Show me the rulebook, and I will be happy to eat
  7. Sounds like hogwash to me. I have a different address from my son (two towns away), yet I am the ACM for his Pack, and when he was in a Tiger den, I was usually his adult partner. He only has one application on file- with his mother's address on it. That is where he lives 5 out of 7 days of the week. In addition, there is nothing that I have seen written anywhere that states that only one person can be the adult partner- it can be a parent, grandparent, older sibling, etc. It can be a different person at each meeting as far as I know, as long as there is an adult with the Scout. There is
  8. CT- WHile I agree with you, the MBC application (at least in my council) actually has a series of check boxes that allows the MBC to limit his/her participation to a particular unit, community, district. Sometimes it has to do with the MBC's time too.
  9. You mean the Tiger Cub with the Wolf and Bear badges (plus arrow points)?
  10. Do the parents involved have a valid reason for not allowing their boys to stay overnight? Just curious about the rest of the story.
  11. I was at a CS Leader training earlier this week, and I saw a CM with his position patch on the wrong sleeve, his Council strip almost an inch below the shoulder seam, his unit number way below that and his World Scouting crest about 1/2 inch above the pocket. Set my teeth on edge through the whole session.
  12. Bob- If you send me the older files, I can fix them for you. Ned Asst. Cubmaster Pack 113, Medfield, MA
  13. For booting tires, I prefer a piece of a Tyvek envelope (FedEx or USPS Priority Mail work great). One of my cycling teammates had a dollar bill in his tire for 2 years, until the tread wore out enough that he finally replaced it. I am an A/V Technician, and was a Pro Photographer for 25 years. I have used duct tape and gaffers tape for pretty much everything, including holding sound and lighting equipment in place, fixing a bride's gown (her dad stepped on her train and tore a good sized gash in it) and even holding a camera onto a tripod when the quick release plate went missing.
  14. Why is that wrong? Some of the requirements for Belt Loops and pins also fulfill some of the Webelos requirements. In that case you would only have to repeat them if that loop or pin was earned while the Cub was a Tiger, Wolf or Bear. I see no reason why you would have to repeat the activity, since the goal is to learn a skill or perform a service.
  15. My local dry cleaner doesn't charge for putting badges on a leader's shirt. Her way of giving to others who are giving to her community.
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