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  1. Horizon, Those are awesome stories. I want to chime in. I’ve been CM of our Pack for 9.5 years. (My youngest just crossed over in Dec and I’m still here, hoping to find the right replacement.) My oldest is a freshman. Now in High School, they don’t really advertise their affiliation much, and that’s fine. However, a couple years ago, his HS won the state championship in football. Every member of the line and the QB were in and either had already or eventually did Eagle. Did those guys make a big deal about Scouting on a day to day basis? Probably not, but then, did they r
  2. Hi All, I came back to this forum recently after hearing about the impending decision from National about membership reqs. Not sure what I expected, but I have had my eyes opened to the diversity of thought here among this slice of the scouter community. I can only assume that this is representative of the entire community of scouters at large. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. It is after all, a very large group and it makes sense that we would all have different viewpoints. I apologize for assuming we were all of a like mind. So as I have read, I have come to realize that ev
  3. Sentinel, This is good. I think we have differences, but its refreshing in a forum setting to be able to discuss these rationally and good-naturedly. I am also a practicing catholic and the priest scandal was not a high point for me either. Actually, it pains me to have brought it up, but I think it is important to learn from the past. Even if it is embarrassing. I agree that pedophiles are just that most of the time. I dont think all Homosexuals are pedophiles and I recognize that all pedophiles are not homosexual. I dont think that Homosexuals have any less self-control as
  4. Sentinel, sorry about the multiple posts. The goofy thing kept telling me it timed out, so I tried again. Apparently there's no way to retract one once it's posted. Guess I need a little training. I would be much obliged if an administrator would delete all but one itteration. You and Moose both bring up good points, but also missed part of mine. I agree there are kids who joined in Tigers who had no idea and want to finish. That's the toughest question of all and one that could be handled both ways (DADT and the new way). I obviously also get a parent wanting to be involved in his
  5. Basementdweller, Im afraid you need a scoutmasters conference for bullying. Just because Sheldonsmom says shes teaching her kids traditional values doesnt give you the right to puff up and impugn her motives. The questions you ask (and the manner you ask them) are intended to put her on the defensive. These classic bullying tactics are exactly how the left is going about tearing down the institutions and traditions of American society. If, as a heterosexual, I am dissatisfied with the rules of some club or associationsay, the local LBGT chapter, or the Gay Pride Parade steering co
  6. So? Did you have the discussion as planned? How'd it go?>
  7. All HAIL BEAVAH. For he is wise. It takes a big man to admit to himself when he is wrong and an even bigger one to admit it to all who care to hear. I read the entire post and found my viewpoint shifted several times as well. Having never been overly orthodox in my presentation of the program, I can see the benefit of drive and enthusiasm over dogmatic adhearance to the pantheon of BSA Rules/Regulations/Reccomendations/Suggested delivery meathods...ad infinitem. Where the rubber meets the road is the relationship between the leaders and the scouts. Do the boys care abou
  8. SF, NICE! For all the struggles, the personality disputes, the conflicts with other clubs and sports, the thousands of details to manage and the inevitable problems that pop up to derail the best-laid plans, for all the disappointments and heartbreaks that this job can deal you, there is no better paying job on earth when the wages are stories like these. Kudos to you for being flexible and positive enough to change plans on the fly and still hold a good camp-out, and for being a hero to your boys! Good demonstration of the Tom Highway motto: Adapt, Overcome, Improvise!
  9. Why thank you. I couldn't think of anything that better described being a CM. Oh sure, "shaper of our youth" sounds nice, in theory,, but it's a little unweildy on a buisness card and "Delusional Madman" was taken. Cheers!
  10. Whew! Thank Goodness they didn't release the PWD speed files! You had me worried AS. ;-)
  11. SF, In essence, that's what we do too. We just happen to call the graduation Cross-over. We do Actual Cross-over for the Webelos in December. And we always have a seperate ceremony for AOL. I drive my Web DL's pretty hard to get it done by November so We can devote proper attention to AOL. I just found out at our Den meeting tonight that one of my son's friends will probably not get his Bear badge. He's missed too many Den meetings. He's on my baseball team, so I plan to urge his dad to try and finish, but I'm not hopefull. Kinda weird that we've been talking about this very s
  12. "Seriously, Scoutfish, whenever I have tried to ponder why people do the things people do, I find it helpful to visit and spend some time in the primate building at a good zoo to remind myself that basically, we are monkeys. It helps. Really." This looks like my cue! Yes. They (and we) ARE monkeys. parents and boys alike. and If you've been to said primate house, you'll notice that sometimes they throw..., well, stuff. So what to do? I guess you could stay out of the monkey house. OR, you just learn to try and avoid the flying "stuff" and go about your buisness. I think that t
  13. SP, Yeah, we still generate all the reports. We don't give anybody anything they didn't earn. What I'm getting at is that I don't specifically hold a seperate ceremony for the Tiger, Wolf or Bear rank award. I mention it at the X-over ceremony (we have a seperate cross-over for Webelos in December), and everybody expects to earn it in the course of the program year, so there's not a need to talley up during the ceremony. It's counter-intuitive I know. All during the year, we make a big deal about every little belt-loop, pin, leave-no-trace etc. Then during the ceremony, we don't
  14. Ann, I have a slightly different take on this issue. I agree with ScoutNut on principle. In an ideal world, everyone would be sufficiently motivated to earn their award as soon as possible and should be awarded the badge when they do. That's the way we did it when I was a kid and it caused us to try and be first. However, early on as CM, I realized that It's not an ideal world. Kids have a lot more scheduled activity and many don't get it done on their own. The new program isn't new to us. We have been driving the DLs to knock out as much as possible in the Den meetings for y
  15. Any time. I'm glad to help.
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