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  1. If I am attending an out of council scouting event as a scouter - just to look around and see what it's about; Powderhorn or a rendezvous for example, do I need to fill out a tour plan for just myself? I am traveling by myself, not doing any special activity (climbing, shooting, swimming). There is no assistant adult leader. If you read the form, it states "Boy Scouts of America policy requires at least two adult leaders on all BSA activities." I always presumed this was because youth were on the form, but this is not the case for this event. What does the general community say ab
  2. I am a COR of a pack, troop and crew. Most of the leadership attending summer camp with the youth take a week of their vacation time in order to attend. I like to find ways, at summer camp, to thank them for volunteering. As an aside - the summer camp the troop attends most of the time is patrol cooking for every meal - which means the adults also function as a patrol and do all of their own cooking and cleanup. The pack eats in a dining hall. Things I have done in the past include - Cooking 2 or 3 large dutch ovens of lasagna from scratch, french bread and a salad. I take care of a
  3. I believe the answer to the question is no. They *can* be a member. For example, my CO requires the COR to also be the treasurer. So, in that role, I do have a vote. However, I tend to only vote when there is a close issue. My opinion can sway people and I want my committee to run things while I tend to be more of an overseer. NOTE: I am a voting member of the "local council" In our units, we hold monthly joint committee meetings. The agenda belongs to me the first 30 minutes. Only CO wide issues are discussed (pack, troop and crew). After that we break up into 3 seperate meeting
  4. From one of my other posts.... I was one of the folks asking about this a year ago. I have been bugging my council / district for several months for some clarification on exactly what this "agreement" means as well and how we can take advantage of it. Finally my DE politely told me "shut up", they did not have anything. They simply don't have any material to hand out. So, finally I have start creating my own set of guidelines and rules for what this means. For example, they attended Family Camp with us, we invited the girls to build PWD cars and race the same day we did (but not agai
  5. I understand your problem well, as I am the COR for all 3 units at our CO (about 100 youth). We just made a change two months ago and so far it seems to be helping. All 3 committees and I meet from 7 - 7:45 (AT THE LATEST) and we only discuss common issues - scouting for food, family camp, new G2SS rules, Scout Sunday, etc. Then myself and my facilities coordinator step out into the common area and the three committees break into their respective rooms and have their meetings. If I am needed to answer a question to deal with something simple, I may pop into one of the rooms, or
  6. I was one of the folks asking about this a year ago. I have been bugging my council / district for several months for some clarification on exactly what this "agreement" means and how we can take advantage of it. Finally my DE politely told me "shut up", they did not have anything. They simply don't have any material to hand out. So, finally I have start creating my own set of guidelines and rules for what this means. For example, they attended Family Camp with us, we invited the girls to build PWD cars and race the same day we did (but not against the cub scouts), we have asked them
  7. Thought I would provide an update for those who were kind enough to reply a couple of months ago. I could not of imagined this turn of events. Basically we are still officially in a holding pattern. I presented my case, but did not receive a response. With recruiting and the new scouting year starting, my time was taken with other more important activies and this was shelved until I had more time OR they answered back. The first week of August, one of the elders of our church contacted me about needing some help. This elder also leads a group that helps churches throughout the co
  8. One idea makes use of the fact we have access to freezer space @ the CO (or a parents house) and we have some dads/uncles in the unit that like to hunt deer. There are certain individuals that are going to hunt and donate the meat to a local butcher. Instead we have them invite some of the older scouts to help grind the meet into 1# packages. Our basic costs are the wrapping paper/plastic and tape for the meat. We then have a freezer full of venison and the boys plan their meals using ground meat; taco, burritos, spaghetti, add spices to make sausage, chilli, burgershire soup, hamburgers,
  9. From the boy scout perspective, we are Protestant. They claim to be part of Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) http://www.efca.org/
  10. I completely agree if the CO said no guns on property, I would go elsewhere for training. I was completely prepared to do that (and to some degree expected that as the response). The laws in Missouri are require written authority to bring firearms on to church or school grounds; that makes sense. HOWEVER, the email response to me was crystal clear; there was to be NO training whatsoever on or OFF property. So going to a gun club or elsewhere is not an option as things stand right now. To that end, I will be having a heart to heart discussion with the staff on Wednesday to "plead my ca
  11. I met with the IH this evening to fully understand what the concerns are. Basically it boils down to not understanding basic facts of the program. The directive actually came down from the IH's supervisor (executive director of a large church). Their argument boils down to "If we teach the youth to do a skill, and they use this skill to do 'something' inappropriate, it will get back to the fact they are part of Boy Scouts and chartered by this CO. If it gets back to the CO, then it's our fault". If they carry this forward, I guess they will request we not teach the boys knife skills
  12. Thanks for all your responses. To answer training question, yes I am COR trained, as well as committee, ASM, cub master, wood badge etc trained. Based on comments by the DE, I am definitely the most active COR in the district. I have a very good relationship with my IH. I meet with him regularly and his boss upon occasion. To beavahs question, yes this is firearms directed issue. I completely agree they have a right to not allow firearms on premises. It was a letter of permission as a certified NRA instructor to allow me to bring shotguns into the building to execute training
  13. Obviously by my Username, I am a COR. I have been a fairly active COR for 3 years for 3 units (Pack, Troop and Crew). I have been with the units for a total of 7 years - the first four in various leadership roles. I know there are basic things you can't do at some COs. For example, if your CO is a public school, teaching knife safety with real knives is out of the question. Even if I asked them if I could, there are laws against bringing those items into the school. I still can teach knife safety at a scout camp, a scouts house, etc. Just not at the school. There are also activitie
  14. Last 3 bridging ceremonies have been outside in March - Pack meeting held inside (warmer, dryer, etc). Cub master instructs all in attendance to fold arms and walk outside with the indian (like you would walk from parade field to council ring at summer camp) in silence. The hallway between the gym the outside door has no lights turned on. Instead of smudge pots, we have boy scouts holding candles lined down the hall. Once outside we have smudge pots leading to cross over area. After all the cubs are outside and getting settled down, the indian that lead the cub scouts outside whistles t
  15. I agree the job is exactly what you make it (can you guess my role)? I am a very active in all 3 units I support (pack, troop and crew). Our CO requires the COR to also be the treasurer, so I have a double role w/i each unit. I teach at our pack day camp, go to camporees and summer camp with the troop, attend all the montly committee meetings and just recently completed my wood badge tickets 2 mos ago. My DE isn't quite sure what to do with me, I am the only COR he actually even knows (we are in a large district). BUT - I don't do much at the district level; my heart and committment i
  16. This is the first year in about 5 years we are not doing it just like the others posts have suggested. The idea was to get fathers involved or some other male role model. The first year one den used cake blanks (this allowed the boys to do it in a den meeting setting, it was only a decorating contest), but the rule was amended the following year - it had to be edible. We had several categories - most scout like, best of theme, most patriotic... very similar to several of the pinewood derby categories we have. The boys were able to do some judging and the parents were allowed to do some
  17. We have all returned from our summer breaks and gotten back to more regular meetings and the such. However, I am not seeing much chatter (on this board or others) on what impact on the "memorandum of mutual support" with AHG really means. I had expected this topic to be discussed a bit more once summer was over. So I have two areas of questions I want to throw out for comment. How many BSA units are chartered at the same place they also have AHG? Are you actively seeking to work with them; or them to work with you? If not, are you planning to? Why or why not? If you did decide
  18. Baden Powell's Mafeking is one we usually do, especially after a few camping trips with the new scouts. They get to put into practice what they have learned. The adults set it up during the day and then either run stations at night OR just make sure they are on track and not getting lost in the woods at night.
  19. Our troop mixes it up whether we act as a patrol or not on campouts. But the one thing we do, which I have not seen here is for our Webelos II at their weeklong summer camp. We only have a couple of "free" adults that go to the mess hall with the boys, however, the rest of the dads act as a patrol. This shows and teaches both the boys that will bridge over what it's about AND it also shows the dads what their sons will be doing next year. We have a duty roster posted, they see various dads doing different jobs. No POR or titles, but they see how things are supposed to work. We also a
  20. We have done cubmobile races a few times and had a blast doing it. I have a handful of recommendations. Safety, safety, safety. In addition to the clothing you mentioned, we added a safety belt to hold them in the car. You also need to find a good location that is safe and has the slope you are looking for. Easier said then done. Some of the places I found wanted to charge us to use it and some never responded. Our best luck as been using church parking lots. One of the churches we used had their own cub pack, we invited the leaders and who ever to come out with us for the day. Yo
  21. I used to be a RAVEN, a Good 'ol RAVEN too... And now I'm finished RAVENing... I don't I don't know what to do... I'm growing old and feeble and I can RAVEN no more... So I am going to work my ticket if I can... Back to Gilwell.. Happy Land.. I'm going to work my ticket if I can... Michael C-03-08 (Week long course)
  22. Not sure where in Missouri your son is attending college, but I have been wanting to bring a couple of younger ASM into the fold (most of my graduates go off to college and it's not convenient for them to be around). If he is interested, have him send me a private message to me so we can talk. I am in the Greater St. Louis Area Council. I am the COR of a crew as well and I am having the "numbers" problem. I have been trying different things, but many of them "have their own life" and the crew doesn't seem to fall high on their priority list.
  23. That was about the fuel mileage I was guessing at. We typically have at least 50 - 60 people (youth and leaders) going camping and the such. That is usually 8 vehicles which is about $200 in fuel for 100 miles round trip. We think the bus would be about $50. Plus all the boys would be together and we could do things together on the way. Anyone have any strong opinions on where to obtain a bus, new or used (type of place, not an exact business)? What about leasing a bus instead of buying for just the longer trips and using cars for the shorter trips.
  24. Our unit is toying with the idea of purchasing a bus or people movers for events (both local and far). We know we'll need to do fund raising and the such. My questions are more of a elementary or "how did you do it" nature. We know that we will need people with CDLs. We already have that covered. Our CO has a couple of buses already, but they always seem to be booked when we want to borrow them (hence our desire to obtain one). 1) Where is the best place to obtain a bus (which also begs the question new or used)? What kind of costs am I looking at to obtain one? 2) What are an
  25. I am COR of a pack and troop. We are blessed to have 3 trailers each of different sizes for different needs. Some of our older youth are multiply registered with specialized crews that I am not COR for. There is an event coming up where 4 of our boys and one of our ASM will be attending with the other unit they are with. They would like to borrow a trailer (with a few other pieces of gear). We currently have no plans for that gear that weekend, so there is not an issue of us needing it, but I am curious if there is anyone with experience loaning equipment out. Does it work out, build rel
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