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  1. Bob, In reply to what am I to do now that I know the official BSA policy about sashes on the belt, I will make the decision to keep things the same way. I do agree with you that a Scout is Obedient, but a scout should not be Obedient blindly, or Obedient because he is told to do something that a leader tells him to. Scouting is a BOY RUN FUNCTION. A good scout should consider his options and then make a decision based on what he believes is right. Otherwise, we would turn into the Chinese with their little red books and devotion to a leader that is overpowering. Surely you dont want that. I
  2. You should wear your OA sash normal and MB sash on the waist. This is how my troop does it. And, to those who are saying the OA sash should not be worn at a non order function, WHY? I believe that if you earned it, you should wear it. It is an honor to be chosen and it should be worn with pride. It is in accordance with the BSA and therefore should be considered part of the BSA uniform. Its the same as rank patches or merit badges. You earned them, so wear them. If that is not what the OA book says, mine is not with me, then something should be done about it. That rule should be changed.
  3. My vote is for tucked. When a Uniform is Untucked it looks sloppy, and disrespectful. As for wearing your class a in the field, WHY??? It is just stupid to wear your class a when doing work, it gives more possibility to getting the uniform dirty, another possible disrespect. I feel that the BSA is getting too soft and lax with their judgement on things like this. Whatever happened to the days when you just went out into the woods with only what you could fit into your pack, no trailers or any of that, and just camped and enjoyed nature? We should focus on getting back to the basics of scouting
  4. Yea, thanks. I've already been to NYLT. I went in 2006. So did one of my ASPL's. These are all really good ideas. One of the things that we were talking about changing was getting set menus planned out. Breakfast Lunch Dinner and Snacks. Then, when we are going to go on a campout, we'll just say, "okay this time it will be breakfast #4, lunch #1, and Dinner #7 or whatever. Thanks again for the great ideas. Structure to meetings should keep the boys interested in scouts. I hope...
  5. I have been newly elected as SPL of my troop. We currently have about 20 boys in our troop. About 10-12 of these boys are actaully active. Of these 12 or so that are active, they always seem to leave meetings thinking that they are a waste of time. I myself have felt this way, this is why I want to change the way we run our meetings. If anyone has any ideas on how to keep the kids attentive and entertained for an hour and a half each week i would greatly appreciate it. The age level of the kids is from 13-15ish. Senior Leadership is around 16. Thank you to everyone who helps me and my troop!!!
  6. Hey does anybody have a throwback BSA uniform that they are willing to part with or do they know of a place, (preferably online) where I can get one. The size I am looking for is Extra Large. The neck size is about a 16-17. If the online site you are suggesting is EBAY, can you please make sure that it is a Buy It Now. Thanks! -Meteu7772
  7. Good job. That is a great accomplishment. Congrats to all!!!!
  8. I have a question on the requirements on Eagle Palms. Obviously these are awarded to Eagle Scouts who have earned extra merit badges, but is there an age limit on the awarding of this recognition. In other words, if the scout has earned the merit badges before he turns 18, can he apply for the palm after his 18th birthday? Or does he have to earn the palms only as a youth, under 18?
  9. Hey I'm Jake Horner from Western New York. I am my Troop's newly elected SPL. I am going to Philmont Scout Ranch this Summer. I'm leaving less than 24 hours after I get back from working as a Lifeguard at my Council's Camp. I am Brotherhood in OA, Ashokwahta 339. I am currently a Life Scout working toward my Eagle and will hopefully get that soon.
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