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  1. eagle92, As far as the legality of designing the patch to go around the world crest, you'll have to take that up with the lawyers at national. I was commenting on wearing the patch as designed. That's the reason you can wear a jamboree patch forever. The uniform manual says it goes above the right pocket, a position that is not defined as the place to put tempoaray patches.
  2. Temporary patches go on the right pocket. This patch was designed to go around the world crest. Therefore, logically speaking, this is not a temporary patch.
  3. Seems like if everyone in church wore all the medals they earned from Tigers through adult scouters it might be noisy enough to drown out all the crying babies.
  4. Eagle 77, That's taking the high road. I suggest you have the moderators close this thread.
  5. If you don't like what someone posts, especially if you disagree with them all the time as some of us do with Merlyn, then put them in your ignored user list and get on with your lives.
  6. Eagle92, Are you saying that no one who has heard this appeal at the council or district is capable of making an unbiased decision? There is no one who felt that the scout was in the right and had the fortitude to stand up and be heard? Should they all be fired because it is they who are not living the scout oath and law and not this scout? It seems as if there was the slightest possibility that the scout was in the right, someone would have stepped forward by now.
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