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  1. This doesn't really matter, I'm just curious... How good of quality are the sashes for sale by Grey Owl Crafts shown here: http://www.greyowlcrafts.com/scouting/beaded_strips.htm
  2. The award is a good idea that I had thought of too, just forgot to mention here... I never said that the sashes were broke, but change can be a good thing so please don't shout. It's just rude.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion and I understand where they were coming from. That sucks...
  4. Any chance of reviving this lost program even un-officially?
  5. Personally, I rather like the idea of a scrubs-type uniform shirt. It's nice, easy, and simple.
  6. Well, there has been a lot of talk about what the Order will do for its Centennial in five years.A fair amount of that talk has been about programs such as the "ArrowCorps50" idea that was so widely discussed at the 2009 NCOC. This and seeing the new "Centennial Uniform" got me thinking about creating a new "uniform" for the Order in 2015. The sash is our uniform so why not revitalize it for the celebration. We could go black and white or red and white for all honors. It's just an idea, but hey, why not?
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