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  1. I just saw that this company is working on a DuctTape Patrol Patch. http://www.patchtown.com/viewallpatro.html
  2. Bowling, Laser Tag, Zoo's Fishing...anything to keep them active during the summer so that they don't lose interest, is what I do.
  3. A woodbadge speedo??? An Axe in the front and a Log in the back???? Ewwwwww..... At least my Bobwhite would have a couple of eggs to nest on!
  4. It usually is, but due to scheduling conflicts, as well as many other things, we had to push it back....WAAAYYYYY Back!
  5. I will be getting my beads at our Blue and Gold Banquet this coming Saturday. I asked that it be done there, so that all the boys can see that even us, as leaders, are going thru classes and learning new things as well.
  6. Hello all. I'm from Louisiana and a Webelos Den leader for my sons den. I am following him along his trail thru Scouting. My wife is my Asst Den Leader as well, but will stop after his Cub Scouting days. Her idea of camping and roughing it, is a cheap motel! LOL I am also an Asst Scout Master for a local Boy Scout Troop here as well. Making myself a new home for when my son moves on up into Boy Scouts. I was never in scouting myself, but I am taking as many classes as I can to help me to be more understanding of scouting as well as a better Scout leader. I have taken BALOO, SM
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