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  1. We visited a local Hawaiian Culture Museum (we live on Oahu). Our shared leader time scheduled a special Saturday tour for the den that included an interactive diorama and pupped show on the development of the Hawaii ecosystem, a tour of a giant model volcano, and a hands on childrens' museum section. The shared leader Mom coordinated the scheduling, tickets, food, etc. The Tigers and parents had a blast.
  2. I used this ceremony for a recent Tiger Badge ceremony. I also did the prep work at home several nights before the event. I put the liquid from each plastic tube into a clean baby food jar with lid for each boy. The baby jars now contained "scouting solution" from the nearby Ko'olau Mountains. I put the liquid from the glass vials together in one plastic medicine bottle with a built in dropper (this one had flouride drops). The bottle was opaque white and decorated with a Tiger Badge sticker from the scout shop and contained "Tiger Tears." One full dropper of Tiger Tears was more than en
  3. As a Tiger Den Leader, I think it is great to be able to work and earn the Bobcat Badge at the beginning of the Tiger year, and with solid parental involvement, the oys can easily complete the requirements. It sure is challenging for the little guys to explain the meaning and parts of the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack required for Bobcat, but the boys are certainly able to memorize and repeat the law and promise purely through repition (and adult partner home practice) during the opening and closing of each meeting. We started memorizing and discussing the law, promise, motto, ha
  4. Those are Perler Beads. They come in many colors including neon and glow in the dark. You have to lay them out on a template that fits tiny spikes into th eholes on the beads. The beads come in a bucket with several templates and a reuseable protective paper that you place on top of the bead layout before fusing with a hot iron. You would probably have to freeform your rocket or space cub design. Not sure how you'd fuse the snaphook on--pass through the top bead before ironing or use string. I've seen the beads in craft supply shops, Target/Walmart toy section, and I think Toys-R-us. Go
  5. Does anybody know if there are any Cub Packs that meet at Maxwell Air Force BAse in Alabama? I couldn't find any through the council website. Thanks!
  6. Yes, the password sequence did work. Thanks for the help!!!
  7. I am looking for help logging into the password protected OA forum area. I am typing my Scouter Network username in the user name block and the admonition in both of the password blocks, but I can't log in. I have even verified the correct spelling from the jumpstart site. Any suggestions? Thank you--I appreciate it!!! LRL
  8. I agree. On average, we have 6 of 7 show up at any den meeting, pak event or go-see-it. Most activities are simple enough to be either repeated at a den meeting or done at home as a family. For our flag ceremony activity, we introduced the den flag and the den American flag. One boy missed the meeting, but he participated in a flag ceremony at school, so he got his orange bead at the next meeting. I think it is most important to get the boys exposed to some fun and new activities while they are making new friends.
  9. Where can you find the official BSA Insignia Guide that everybody references? I have the leaders handbook but haven't seen the insignia guide at the scout shop or online. Thanks for the help. LRL
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