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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 2006-07 Program Helps in a PDF file format? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the concern expressed. But, I did the prep work in advance at home. I cut the plastic tube and dumped the yellow liguid in a clean babyfood jar and closed the lid. The glass tube was then wiped off and carefully broken into a second babyfood jar and any glass shards were carefully removed. My wife took a 3rd babyfood jar and decorated it so the yellow liquid would not be noticable to the boy holding it or by the audience. At the Pack meeting, right before the ceremony, I poured the yellow liquid into the ceremony jar. During the ceremony I used the clear liquid directly from i
  3. The one Wolf that I did this for, my son, was amazed. By the time we turned the lights back on, we were surrounded by the rest of my Wolf den, oohing and ahhing. I'm guessing I'll have a few more Wolf badges to present next month at the Pack meeting. By the way, after I posted the original message, I figured out where I found the ceremony. Right here in the Scouter.com forums. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=48437
  4. I used the glow stick ceremony (not sure where I found it) for my first Wolf to earn his Wolf Badge. And I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to slow down the glowing process. For those unfamiliar with the Glow Stick Ceremony, here is what I had found somewhere and copied to a word doc : "Glow Stick Ceremony Prior to the meeting, cut the top off of a glow stick and remove the glass cylinder. Empty the contents of each liquid into 2 different containers (to transport to the meeting). For the ceremony, i placed the lesser of the 2 liquids in a clear glass votive holder (it wasn't s
  5. Our pack has it's Blue and Gold banquet the 1st Saturday in June since February and march is so busy. This year we are using an American Indian theme for the banquet. I'm trying to find a skit for my Wolves to perform that does not play to typical stereotypes. I know I'm asking a lot here, but I'd like to find a skit that is funny and thought provoking also. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can anyone recommend a scout-friendly webhosting site where our pack can get 50+Megs and a large amount of bandwidth for free? Thanks in advance, John Wolf Den Leader Pack 935 Okeana, OH
  7. littlek, That looks quite a bit like what the plans were for. I seem to remember the plans showing a wooden base for the pole and eyebolts for the tie--downs. jw_elder77
  8. Thanks all, so far. msnowman hit the nail on the head. Until they can tie shoes, teaching them other knots and lashing would probably be futile. msnowman - that's not the flagpole I remember seeing. The one I remember would have been about 20' tall. The message with the link was talking about overnighters where there was no existing flagpole and they wanted to do a flag raising ceremony. seabear - I would consider that except I've got boys from 2 or 3 different schools in my den.
  9. I know I've seen plans on the net (someplace) for a portable flagpole made with PVC pipe. I seem to remember that it used 1 - 10' lenght of 3" dia. PVC and 1 - 10' length of 2" dia. PVC. I just can't remeber where I saw it. I thought it was from a link in a SCOUTER.NET forum. The reason, I'm asking is to see about building one for our Pack Overnighters and/or outdoor activities, so we can have a flag raising/lowering ceremony, mainly for the benefit of the Wolf Cubs to satisfy achievements 2e-f. Thanks, jw_elder77 Wolf Leader - Pack 935
  10. We just had our fall roundup and my Wolf den has doubled in size to 10. We are having our Pack Fall Family Overnighter on Saturday and I'm trying to find a fun and relatively easy skit (or 2) for my den to perform. I expect to have 8 of my wolves and their families there and would like to get all of them involved so they all feel welcome. Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance jw_elder77
  11. The flag is use in 1930 was the 48 star flag. You can find an illustration of one at http://www.usflag.org/the.48.star.flag.html. John
  12. Hi! I'm a new Tiger leader in SW OH. Our den started with a leader who didn't have any kids (in or out of scouting) and just out of high school (I think). She got involved because her dad and brother are heavily involved in scouting. She seemed to be excited at the first meeting, but then she started missing den and pack meetings and the Go See Its. Found out that she was sick, moved to an appartment and having a hard time making ends meet. At the November pack meeting she didn't show again, so I volunteered. I was never a scout and was 100% sure I knew what I was getting into.
  13. I'm trying to find a good community service project for my Tiger den to perform in February or April. Any ideas are good ideas. Thanks.
  14. I'm new to scouting never having been one myself. My son wanted to join, which was great. We joined a Tiger den and after about the 2nd month, our den leader had been a no-show to a couple of meeting (den & pack). I volunteered to be the den leader with th e intention of only serving this year. I think I migth stick it out until my youngest is through Cub Scouts. We'll see. Enough of the background. I'm taking the Tiger Cub Den to a hockey game this weekend and we are going to be in uniform. I know when they play the Star Spangled Banner we will salute. My question is what sho
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