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  1. just as the major parties are blending more and more ("my blender is broken" - Dr Dolittle), so I think more and more we as individual tend to pick and choose from those parties' planks. And indeed, that's the way it should be - how can 2 parties totally and definitively represent the hundreds of millions of us in this country? I'm all for welfare - but only for those who are citizens or here legally. I am not entirely opposed to the death penalty - but anyone convicted who requests DNA analyses should be able to get it. I am strongly opposed to NAMBLA, but I would support ga
  2. "If you would like to use this line of thinking, feel free to do so. But please do not limit it to one issue." ahhh - I begin to understand why your posts seem to remind me of core dumps! Apparently you don't recognize the validity of a single topic in a thread or conversation, and additionally feel a need to apply ANY comment to EVERY topic... a strange kind of dialogic Turrette's? USE LIMITS! FREE YOURSELF! You have nothing to gain but time!
  3. "Packsaddle, not sure what all that meant. Whatever it was, it certainly didnt appear to unequivocally prove anything." and "I understand your point, but if misinformation was used to gain peoples hearts and minds, one has to wonder how many might change their opinion. Or if the misinformation wasnt disseminated in the first place, one has to wonder how many would currently be supportive of homosexuality." I DID understand packsaddle. And if I understand the comments above, aren't they tantamount to saying that one doesn't understand something, it's gotta be wrong? Or at kindest, if
  4. Rooster - here's what you said about me: "You claim that its the mothers risk to take." And here's what I actually said: '...here's where I intellectually take the PC cop-out of individual choice"' Frankly, I thought my entire post was full of references to my indecision, still weighing all sides, and so on. Moving right along... "Or, how about this amoral premise the day you can rape a man, you get the chance to decide whether or not a rapist goes to jail." Technically, Bobbitt (sp?) was raped. Statutory stories of female teachers and underage boys abound these d
  5. malpractice insurance on the one hand, amortizing office technology on the other... in the local news regularly, there are stories of this hospital or that clinic closing their doors. always in the more disadvantaged neighborhoods, of course. above and beyond cost, then, there are issues of simple access (and not just to HMO facilities). I sometimes wonder if there's anyway for the government to partner with such places to avoid shutting them down, diverting some Medicare dollars to salaries, maint., etc, and providing good free care for the needy... sorta semi-social? and
  6. Wow - I am VERY impressed by what seems to be a LOT of folks who wouldn't engage in bonding or recreational sex, and who recognize sex as a procreative act only. Big families, or long periods of abstinence? 'k, ', I'm kidding. IF WE OUTLAW ABORTION in this country, of course, we will simply be sending a lot of folks across the border or down the alley. I think that a responsible clinic - one that offers counseling and asks iteratively "are you sure?" is a better and safer way to go. But that doesn't really address the morality of abortion, though, does it? As a parent, I belie
  7. "Why would mother nature intend this?" Well, as population control with reduction of sexually induced stress, for one reason. Rat studies have demonstrated that in a limited space, with unlimited food, rats will breed to a point of overpopulation; one of the results of that is an increased incident of observed homosexual contact. The bonobo also displays a wide range of non-procreative behvior.
  8. Ed, a good, reasonable response. we disagree on this, I know, but I'm proud to have someone like you to disagree with! you are a principled man of conscience - there's no point talking this kind of thing with any other kind of person...
  9. "There is no proof that one is born gay. Therefore it is a learned behavior. Therefore it is a lifestyle. Until there is absolute proof that one is born gay, I will not change my opinion." There is no proof that one is NOT born gay. (or, There is no proof yet, although there are certainly some suggestions, that one is born gay - take your pick.) Therefore it may or may not be a learned (or acquired or imparted) behavior. Therefore, it may be a genetic predisposition or a lifestyle choice, or both... apparently the concept of "innocent until proven otherwise" extends so far, and
  10. Every time a gay couple adopts an older child that has been bypassed over and over by straight families, I think society and the adoptee have been helped. Now I know there are those that say kids without families are better off being institutionalized until the age of 18 and then being placed on their own, than to be placed with a gay couple - but I disagree. Strongly. When folks argue that homosexuality is unnatural because it doesn't lead to procreation, yet counter all the examples of homosexuality among animals with the further argument that MAN has a moral sense, I really wonder if
  11. NIAGARA FALLS? slo-o-o-o-wly I turn. step by step, inch by inch....
  12. Is it religiously significant when a THREAD is resurrected? This one seems to have risen from the recycle bin... :-)
  13. "Would I dare say that it might even be a moral absolute?" Probably not while the wedding of a 12 year old Gypsy princess is in the news... "for an adult to have sexual relations with a minor at the age of thirteen, then we should allow homosexuals in the Scouting program in New Mexico?" well, since you pose it as a question, the answer is currently no - the BSA has rejected the local standards premise, maintaining their OWN absolute. btw, the gays I know - family folk from school - are all repulsed by the idea of pedophilia.
  14. "Nature did not design men to share sexual intimacy with one another. Nature did not design women to share sexual intimacy with one another." yet nature has made allowances among other species for exactly this kind of activity - esp. during times of overpopulation! rats, bonobos, fish, dogs, sheep... it can be seen as a part of a system of population checks and balances.
  15. "The only additional concept one must accept is that the 16-year-old has the ability to make the decision on his own. And I believe that our court system has established that they do by waving them into adult court and trying them as adults." if the age of consent is 16, then the act is not pedophilia in the eyes of that state. to some extent the line may be seen as arbitrary - there are different ages. but there is a huge difference between mutually consenting ADULTS and the picture you are drawing. Arguably, even if the CHILD *seems* willing, the law does not recognize that CHILD'S
  16. 1.Pedophiles are born as pedophiles 2.Pedophilia is not a disease 3.Pedophilia is an act of love 4.There are no victims well, first off, under the law there ARE victims - any unemancipated minor in such an entaglement is a victim. let's not forget the school ma'arms and their boy toys of recent notoriety. even tho the kids involved seem old enough to be non-victims, they certainly ended pretty messed up. but let's try some paraphrasing. 1.Downs babies are born as Downs babies. 2.Downs syndrome is not a... no, better stop here. 1.Aggressors are born as aggres
  17. re: pedophilia, from scoutings real gay policy thread "What if some scientist says pedophiles are born that way? Well, I think there's precedence for this. There are people who are "born" more aggressive, but when that aggression expresses itself in murder or maiming - well, the "I was just doing what comes natural" argument isn't going to fly. Nor does it work for statutory rape. So frankly, i think that's more of a red herring than a red flag. " As has been wisely pointed out, the "consenting adults" rule does not extend to children (save emanicpated minor)s. even where a social
  18. "Personally I think it is really sad that if people are gay and in scouts they have to hide it." Actually, the single heterosexuals are supposed to hide it, too. Scouting would do itself a big favor by kicking out some known (avowed?) straight fornicators and adulterers. Public display of ANY unmarried sexuality just ain't part of the program, and married sexuality is only implied, never made obvious. THIS ALL belings at home. That said, and within that perspective, I wouldn't have a problem with the whole avowal thing if "unsanctioned" straight relations were dealt with the same way.
  19. "Being gay is a lifestyle while being black and/or Jewish isn't. It's like comapring apples & oranges" well, just for the record, the jury's still out on this. undoubtedly, for some, it's a 'lifestyle' choice. for others, it may very well be unalterable hard-wiring. and besides, it looks like Michael Jackson has made being white a lifestyle choice, so maybe the two aren't so far apart... :-) (it's a JOKE, people!)
  20. "how many other organizations...?" well, if they support the GSUSA, please consider the following, from http://www.girlscouts.org/adults/beliefs.html ================================================= We, the members of Girl Scouts of the United States of America, united by a belief in God and by acceptance of the Girl Scout Promise and Law,... Do dedicate ourselves to the purpose of inspiring girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism, and service that they may become happy and resourceful citizens. We believe that the motivating force in Girl Scouting s a
  21. "foil cooking has been in the scouting program for decades hasn't it?... I see nothing wrong with that, do you?" in moderation, no - always good to learn different methods and approaches, part of being prepared. I even support the teaching of this kind of cookery - just NOT to the regular and standard exclusion of pots and pans, etc., frankly. the needs of backpacking can be seen as different to the needs (and abilities) of a fixed camp - at least by me. after you've boiled your -scrambled-egg-to-the-nth in a plastic bag (and not even the smaller sandwich sized!), maybe it's ti
  22. The troop in which my son maintains membership and that I support (is that right?) is doing more and more plastic bag and foil cooking - and then, of course, throwing out the 'cookware'. Half of the boys forget their messkits, but not to worry - we have plenty of paper plates and plastic utensils! When I was a Scout, this kind of thing was just not done - heck, even our potatoes baked off to the side of or under the fire, and to this day I do enjoy a little burnt potato skin. If water was in short supply, we scoured with sand. etc. So my question is, is this just somekind of local
  23. "So it's OK for the city of Philadelphia to discriminate but not OK for the BSA? I'm confused! MAybe it's a w i d t h thing." You know, I keep seeing this kind of comparison - that a response to discrimination (say, the refusal to fund or otherwise support a discriminatory group) is itself discriminatory. That's rather like saying that if the NEA wants to be non-discriminatory (or perhaps non-censorial?), they need to give a grant to EVERYONE who applies for arts funding. Ed, would your immediate response be to call it discrimination if the city were to deny access to the KKK or NA
  24. been away, y'all - remediating viruses in Southern California... sigh. Some families have religious injunctions against alcohol, while others have members who are recovering from real drinking problems - these families have their own good understandable reasons to hope that their children are not exposed to something that might make alcohol seem ordinary and ok, on either side of the fence. Out of respect for these families, there should probably be zero tolerance for cooking sherry, or any other ingestible alcohol, regardless of salt. other families, for religous, cultural or other
  25. I've seen Cub and Boy Scouts wearing the non-standard vests over their standard uniforms with all kinds of non-uniform-authorized patches. I've seen these at Pack and Troop meetings and at Flag Placement - and of course while not part of the official uniform, I've never seen any Scouter request or suggest their removal at any event. Since these are unofficial in the first place (aren't they?), I'd guess there'd be nothing to keep a UU group from employing the same non-standard to display the patch.
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