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  1. That is an excellent reply, and I truly appreciate it. Should help me out a lot with my decision. We're a small pack, so I shouldn't have trouble picking this up in addition to my other roles. If we get more leaders, though, I will have to choose between roles. Thank you for your help.
  2. I was recently asked if I wanted to take on the added responsibilities of Pack Trainer. I've heard of this position, and I researched it a little, but I figure the people that live it would know more. What is involved in this position? What would I need to do to train for this? Is it a Council or District training or an online training? Any other info would be greatly appreciated. This particular position is new to me, so I'm flying blind at the moment.
  3. I prefer the uniform shirts from the late 80's/early 90's. Were those the ODL's? I'm not sure. They just seemed to hold up better and fit nicer than the ones now. That and I can't stand the "Electronics Pocket". I recently acquired a few of my old uniforms that still fit (as well as the one I wore all through my boy scout career that doesn't, but is still in fantastic shape) and I will be updating them to be my primary uniforms with the centennial one I have as a backup. In comparison, though, I also bought a new pair of the canvas convertible (I think those are the ones...the ones t
  4. A pack flag is $48. Will the savings from the time and materials your wife will put into it really be that much? I honestly don't know. I know the blank flag is $48 (ish), but I'm not sure about the lettering. I'll ask at the scout office tomorrow. My wife offered, so I'm inclined to let her do something she enjoys.
  5. Our pack (3 years old) is finally looking to get a Pack Flag (as well as have the Dens make their own flags this year) My wife has volunteered to make the flag rather than purchase the stock nylon one. I would prefer it to look as close to the "official" one as possible. First off: Is this allowed? I can't imagine that it would be frowned upon (a Scout is Thrifty), but I want to be certain before I give her the go-ahead. Second: The insignia in the center. I don't see that particular one for sale online, but that doesn't mean it isn't available. If it isn't, does anyone have
  6. I actually plan on doing something similar with my old uniform (I am involved with my son's Cub Scout pack, but this is for the troop I grew up in), but the difference with mine is that my old troop is still going strong (101 years this past March). I agree with what was said above: If you don't plan on wearing it, then by all means update it with your old patches, etc. Just get a new uniform to wear for anything you do in Scouting today. I always thought that the Quality Unit badge could be worn for the last year it was earned, not necessarily the past year. I do plan on wearin
  7. I was lucky when I joined scouting. The same organization sponsored both the pack and troop, and the troop was excellent. I agree with what was said, though. If the troop is not living up to your son's expectations, support his efforts to find one that does. I only hope my own son is as mature when it comes time for him to graduate into Boy Scouts.
  8. The good thing about being dry clean only is people will have to sew their patches on instead of using Badge Magic. Badge Magic is ok for temporary use (I don't like it, but I've seen it used well), but for something permanent the patches should definitely be sewn on. It just looks unprofessional if it's done poorly and the badges start peeling off. I can't sew to save my life, but I will make my own poor attempt (before my wife takes it from me and uses her sewing machine) before using the stuff.
  9. Looks more like what I expect from a Scout shirt, from someone who was in scouting in the 80s and 90s. Almost identical to the shirts I had (that I just got from my mom, who had kept them in a closet all these years) except for the buttons (and the Made in Bangladesh tag). I like it.
  10. As I said, it certainly may be the case; but I have not heard of not being allowed to purchase a patch (aside from rank patches and some knots, as you said). I'm not sure that the Uniform Police would come to get me for having the wrong color unit numerals, they'd be far more likely to question my OA flap (perfectly acceptable, even for a cub scout leader, I checked). Still have to buy my veteran bar, provided they even have them in stock...I can't imagine there are many troops that have just celebrated their 101st anniversary.
  11. I honestly hope they go to 1 color for unit numbers for both Cubs and Boy Scouts. Don't get me wrong, I like the tan numbers; but if you're going to sell 2 types then National (or more likely the Councils and Districts) needs to educate the employees of the Scout Shops better. I was told by an employee at 1 that I was not allowed to buy the tan numbers since I am a Cub Scout leader. That may be the case, but not allowed? Actively barring me from making a purchase? I told this to an employee at the main council office and she was stunned. I was also told by 1 employee that I could
  12. Hopefully it's just the smokes pocket that's impossible to sew a position patch onto (for me, anyway, I can't sew very well and usually ask my wife to do it with her sewing machine). I'd also be ok if they were going to go back to a flag patch that looked and felt like a patch rather than a sticker.
  13. The class A uniform should be fairly standard across all troops, though I'm sure there are exceptions to that. I have no experience with a troop that says they should only wear the scout pants, not the shorts. Should a troop mandate multiple "Class B" Uniforms, then you would be in uniform in any of them (unless they were controlling enough to specify which uniform is appropriate for which days, which imo would be insane). The topic is about the Class A uniform, though, if I read it correctly. I've never seen a troop have requirements other than an official BSA uniform top (long or
  14. The uniform does not make the Scout, that is true. However, (I'm not sure if the OP is an adult leader, scout, or parent) if the Troop has requirements for the uniform then those requirements should be followed. Adult leaders should set an example for the boys to follow. If we're not wearing the official uniform (even if it's just the shirt) then they're less likely to do so.
  15. I agree with neil_b about the yelling, even if it's restricted to her own children it still reflects badly on the den and pack and will leave an unmistakable impression on those boys. Better to get it under control quickly than to let it spiral out of control. On the subject of the belt loops, earning 2 in a single den meeting could be possible (look at the requirements for some of the Academic loops), but I think 2 sports loops would not be possible, even if the group was broken in half with half on one activity and half on the other, then switching throughout the course of the meeting.
  16. If someone is going to go to all that trouble, why not just get an official uniform? If cost is a factor, check places like eBay, or even your local Thrift/Goodwill (you'd be surprised at what you find). There are some good deals there. In my old troop, we had a "Class B" uniform that was allowed at any troop meeting other than a Court of Honor. It was just a t-shirt with the troop's logo. Would I notice? Yes. Would I care? Honestly, yes I would; but I might not say anything about it.
  17. You can remove the flag with a steam iron and sew on a flag, but just so you know, the US flag patches in the scout shop are made in China, too. I'm not concerned about where it's made, I just want it to be a real patch. Don't get me wrong, I love my country; but I also understand global economics. Cheaper products at the source means more profit at the sale. Don't care where they're made, just make them well. Have pride in the quality of your work, not just the quantity. Thanks for the tip about getting it off, though.
  18. I understand the desire for any company or organization to seek the lowest operating cost for its products to maximize profits. That said, I recently bought one of the Centennial uniforms (the $30 one) when I became a leader for my son when he went into cub scouts. I simply cannot believe that the flag on the left shoulder is not a patch on this shirt. I don't even think it's real thread... I'm so glad that I'm getting my old shirts from my mother when she comes to visit soon. The older shirts, in my opinion, are so much better quality. I'm fine with seeking outside compa
  19. Robert Mazzuca is the Chief Scout Executive. Found this here: http://www.scouting.org/Media/MediaKit/Bios/CSE.aspx Though there is no email listed. Gary P. Butler is the Assistant C.S.E. for Council Operations: http://www.scouting.org/Media/MediaKit/Bios/CouncilOps.aspx Again, no email address, unfortunately.
  20. Greetings! I've been out of Scouting for a long time (I am an Eagle Scout, and Brotherhood member of the OA), but I'm jumping back in running. My son just joined here in Arizona (San Tan Valley/Florence area) and will be in the Bear Den in the fall. I applied to be an assistant for the den leader (paid and registered with the BSA), and whatever else our local pack needs. I got a new uniform over the weekend, and I have to say I'm disappointed with some of the changes they made, but that's for another topic. Glad I found this forum, though. Seems there are some tremendous
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