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  1. There is a Scout gathering in February. Scout Troops from all over go there. We are heading down from Ma..
  2. He was blocked by melting snow turning trails into waterways and the top of the mountain was closer to where he was. At the top of the mountain is a road, observatory, and people. Sounds like a good place to get rescued to me. He is a great kid(man), I met him at NYLT. Why do we get so hung up the negatives while forgetting the positives
  3. While at Philmont in 08, a scout had a water bottle in his tent and decided to mix up some Gatorade in his tent. Some time later a bear reach through the "wall" of the tent and somehow grabbed the bottle. The scout awoke and started to thrash around and the bear caught the scouts leg in it's mouth, requiring stitches. It also required the Ranger to take out the bear.... and her cub.
  4. I can't help with sea base questions but I dive and do know that you can order a corrective lens for your mask. Go to your local dive shop WITH your perscription for your glasses. You can even get different power lens for left and right side of your mask.
  5. I went to Philmont last summer with a crew and I made the travel plans. We flew South West to Albuquerque and rented a 15 pass. van for the crew of 12 and all the gear. When you add up the train tickets to Raton and shuttle buses fees and worry about meeting someone elses schedules the extra $20 or so per person was money well spent. The other advisers and I looked at the other options as well but renting the van and leaving it in the lot made sense to us. As for crew gear, we brought most of it with us. It is lighter than the Philmont stuff and it is familiar. Shake down offer the s
  6. Are you still coming to Boston? Dress warm it's going to be chilly but dry.
  7. I dunno about that Twoxforr, we visited Vally Forge and the Cradle of Liberty Council a couple of years ago for our coooldest camp out ever! We take precations so our water does not freeze up but the second night was so cold our insulated and protected water had iced up. They put on a fantastic event for the President weekend and well worth the trip. Your on our list to visit again.
  8. Not all of Plimouth Plantation is open all year round, I would check before you make plans. There are three BSA camps within 20-25 minutes from the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. Most if not all the museums are open. While in Boston the New England Aquarium and the Museum of Science are great takes. The Marriot Customhouse has an observation deck that is not necessarily open to the public but scouts have a way of influencing people. Don't forget the "Gahden", Boston speak for the TD Banknorth Garden where the Bruins and the WORLD CHAMPION Celtics play. Enjoy the trip
  9. Another year is upon us. What trips do your scouts look forward to. Our troop has been to Vally Forge, white water rafting, Okpic in Maine, just to name a few. We are all look for something differnt to do maybe we could share ideas
  10. http://www.pinetreebsa.org/resources/forms/camping/okpik/OKPIK08flyer.pdf This is winter fun. Our troop LOVED this trip.
  11. Yes Sayer is still open. A friend of ours is on his way there tonight
  12. Great advice. Thanks. I can fore see the two click thing happening between the older and younger, smaller group
  13. Philmont spirit at it's finest. We are going in July and you gave me some ideas. What's roses and thorns
  14. On a recent campout, our troop found a cache accidently while looking for fishing bait. I had seen a local TV show boston that featured a story on geocaching so I figured out pretty quickly what we had found. I told the boys what I knew about it, filled out the log, took something, left something, and went looking for a GPS after the campout
  15. Dutch Oven.... The adults(and beegging leadership) love hot apple crisp on a cold night. Never leave home without it.
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