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  1. Hi South Jersey I grew up near exit 63 and am a Brookville camper - Some of my fondest memories are dragging a klondike derby sled through the slush at brookville. Welcome aboard!!
  2. Hi All, I can see the point that this is a rule and it should be followed "during Official Scouting Events" But my question goes twords what is the procedure to change the rules??? Writting policy to prevent kids from pointing toy guns at one anouther is silly...Kids have been playing coyboy and indian since ...well....there where coyboys and inians. We used sticks, fingers, cap guns that blasted with strips of paper with gun powder on it and yes the evil wicked water gun. As to wether this belongs in a scouting program...Boys need to have fun and blow off steam together...
  3. How about if you plan one event that covers 3 requierments? I am a Tiger Scout leader - I planed a hike to a 120 year old lighthouse and we had a picnic lunch before returning. On our way back we picked up trash along the way. we hit 3 requierments and a couple of electives in this one trip....would you call that double dipping?
  4. Hi True Beleiver, Yes we run a BSA cubscout pack - Do all the same stuff - Pinewood, Raingutter - The boys read boys life.... Direct Service is a council for american children that live overseas. Check out our website www.cspack3803lagos.org YIS
  5. Hi, I have a Tiger Den so no carving for us - My son and I went to a Cub Holiday camp over Christmas and all the boys had the BSA mop handle with the madalions and leather grip. So yes we bought one. On returning to Nigeria the Den really loved the idea - So I ordered up the rank madallions and a couple of others and the leather grips - Then we had a local carpenter make staffs out of African Mahogany. We varnished them and put the grips and madallions on as a den project. I made a rack that will hold our sticks - We bring them to all functions den or pack. The boys have been instructed
  6. 2cubdad No trouble at all - You made me laugh out loud! Good thing everyone else is in bed - they would be hauling me off to the loony bin! Cheers
  7. Hi, Not much news on the Uniform switch on this side of the world - When exactly are we to switch over? I just got an email advert from ScoutStuff and they are having a BOGO sail on Classic uniform parts??? YIS Lagos Scouter
  8. 2cubdad, Very whitty! Sorry my spelling is not great at the best of times and it is almost midnight here - Thank goodness we get to celebrate May Day here - No work tomorrow! Rolls - Biscuits - Very good!
  9. Barry, I will certinly let them as long as they will put the time in to make it fun for the Scouts. Many a night I was online till midnight looking for ideas we could adapt to here. No den meetings in a box in this part of the world. Can you imagine you Cant even buy felt or pipecleaners:-) My wife did not understand at first and complained about the time I spent on my den.She was born and raised in Nigeria and the scouting movement has been dorment - Practicly dead - here all of her life (and still is). Then I explained that I can not remember my second grade teacher (no Tigers When
  10. Scoutnut Thanks for that - ADL and CM makes much more sense. I do realize that CM is much bigger then Master of ceramonies. But when you are 6000 miles from your council - You have a lot less paperwork - We dont do fund raising - No popcorn sales - we dont have round tables, we dont have any training except what is online ---we Do run a fun program that is within the BSA guidelines and we consistantly "do Our Best" far from home. Check us out on www.cspack3803lagos.org - This is a new site and under construction but it will show you some of the fun we had this year. YIS
  11. Hi, I am a Tiger Den leader from Pack 3803 lagos Nigeria. We are a Direct Service unit through the American Internetional School Lagos. YIS LagosScouter
  12. Hi All I am being approched to be our packs CM next year. I want to stay DL with my Tiger den as they move up to Wolf. First let me say that our CM position is mostly a Master of Ceremonies position. We are in Nigeria and dont camp much and so the duel roll is administrative, Events and Pack Meetings mostly. I have been told that I can hold both positions as long as I have an ADL - I have said I would agree if we have enough volenteers for ADL, ACM and me. But I feel bad that it will take 3 volenteers to fill 2 positions. Can I hold dual Leadership Rolls? If so, What patc
  13. Hello Ohio, I'm New to the forum as well - I was also a tiger leader this year and on to wolf next. We are in Lagos, Nigeria - West Africa. Welcome aboard!! LagosScout
  14. Wait - It gets better!!! I did dry clean mine as I did not want to ruin the cheap Patches.....The cheap Boy Scouts Of America - That is NOT a patch any more is now falling off. Cant even move the one (That is a patch) from my old shirt as the Beige color is differant. Lagos Scout
  15. Hi, I am a Tiger Cub den leader and my son and I attended a 3 day cub holiday camp over christmas. Our pack honored that as attending camp. It might have been because we are a Direct Service unit in Nigeria and dont get much of an opertunity to camp. LagosScouter
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