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  1. Great web site link OneHour. 12"to start with. A few years ago Costco had a 12" Ridgeway oven with a small griddle for about$15.00 I bought 15. Gave a few away sold a few, only have 2 left. At the Sacramento gun show in the late 80s I saw a oven that was 24" wide 10" tall. I don't remember the brand.
  2. By my math We get 1hr per week non scouting.
  3. When on vacation, and you need directions somewhere, you search out the local scout service center.
  4. (have him sew his favorite temporary patches on the back of the sash (very few people know that is allowed). Bob where can I find this in print. I would like to show it to our troop's uniform cop.
  5. I am the Maintenance Supervisor for a manufacturing company. Our main product is a radiation treetment machine for cancer patients. We supply from 28-32 machines per month to hospitals all over the world. Other products are light rail train parts, electrical cabinets, prison door locks, missile parts etc. Everything from thin sheet metal to heavy steel plate. In 1989 when I started there were 9 employees now 80+
  6. How about a dog leash? 3/4 x 14"leather strap. 3" hollow braid rope. 1 "D" ring 1 swival snap 1 rivit The boys tool the handle at one meeting and stain it. At the next meeting they rivit the handle to the "D" ring. Attach the rope to the handle and snap. If you need more info. let me know
  7. Take a look at this site 80 skits. Some are in the gray area. Mabe they can be reworked to be more pc. http://www.bsa-gnyc.org/res.html
  8. In 1996 while deer hunting in Colorado three men at a campsite 1/2 mile from us died while using a catalytic heater. It's better to be cold for a night than forever.
  9. I didn't run out an buy all kinds of stuff for Y2K "I allready owned it" have for years. All my friends told me if something does happen they were coming to my house. Good thing nothing happend it would have been crazy. Most of them only have a couple of meals worth of food and could not cook it without power."microwave" To many people think home cooking means warming up yesterdays doggy bag from Dennys. I love all this Scout stuff.
  10. Try thrift stores. Look for them mixed in with militery clothing. Look out for shorts from the "70"s they are really short. They look like hot pants. I have some of that era and the boys will not wear them. Also make sure the patches are sewed on not glued.
  11. Is there a BSA policy on body piercing, tattoos, tongue piercing, baggie pants, big chains etc...? Can the Scout Master set policy?
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