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  1. Docwrm, BALOO was the best part of the Cub Scout training I did. We did lots of hands-on type learning. I actually took BALOO twice and am glad I did - both courses offered different ideas and great ways to make Cub Scout camping better. However, my wife took a BALOO course and her course was like what you described. The two BALOO courses I did were both at Boy Scout camps; my wife's was at a local church. I think doing BALOO at a camp really adds to the course. I feel the same way about Wood Badge. I've seen online pictures of quite a few courses where it appears the course i
  2. I started taking Cub Scout leader courses in 2002. I started taking Boy Scout leader courses in 2007. I did Wood Badge in 2008. I'm still working my ticket.
  3. http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/imgviewer.aspx?img=64032
  4. I have two types of long Scout pants; the new belt fits both types. A. Long pants that are the same design as the shorts except longer. B. Pants without external pockets. Both work.
  5. The new belt fits fine with my Scout shorts. I have not checked the long Scout pants, but it is not a huge belt, so I expect it will fit.
  6. The new belt is thicker and wider. I also like the new belt's color much better.
  7. The metal is much sturdier, the universal emblem is nicer, but best of all, the mechanism for keeping the belt from slipping out of placer is 10X better. I never liked that darn little bar on the old buckle that was supposed to keep the buckle fastened. It always would work it's way loose.
  8. Someone stole my 2005 "collector's edtion" BSA baseball hat with an antelope pin on it from my car. Who would want a used baseball hat and a cheap pin? I don't get it.
  9. ...getting closer. Last item stil needs to be done.
  10. You guys are so funny, its killing me. Scouts in my Troop are amazed when I tell them I saw the first Apollo moon landing live on TV - and our only TV was black and white, not color.
  11. My biggest concern pre-Wood Badge was if I'd be able to think up - and complete - the ticket items. My recommendation to you: Write down your answers to the 20 questions and then just go through the course. You'll start thinking of ticket items as the course goes along. I still have my little 34 cent Walmart notebook that I bought for Wood Badge. I scribbled down whatever came to my mind during the course. In there are the thoughts and comments that became my ticket items. As far as the 20 questions, my wife and I had a great time coming up with smart-alek answers for them. But m
  12. Thank you Kudu, for your post dated 5/26/08. It is on-point with the original topic and extremely helpful to all Scouts and Scouters.(This message has been edited by Knight)
  13. Varsity Scouts are virtually non-existent around here.
  14. It is great to see so many folks checking in on my little Wood Badge thread.
  15. Keep working on being an outstanding Scout Leader. Contact people who were your Wood Badge staff and let them know you'd like ot be considered for staff. Then keep improving Scouting in your area. I'll bet you'll soon be on WB staff and be able to return to Gilwell.(This message has been edited by Knight)
  16. The Bears and Buffalos are AWOL. Yes, of course I'm an Antelope. AL's Antelopes, to be specific. Saving the best for last.
  17. ...still waiting on a Bear and Buffalo... Hmmm... Do I have to bring out the clock?
  18. I'm waiting for at least one member of the other seven patrols to check in first (that gives you a clue as to my patrol).
  19. Quote from substring: "In our case, my son's Webelos Patrol had completed all basic requirements when they were Webelos I. Therefore, we concentrated on visits and campouts with Boy Scout Troops in the Fall. By December, they all had earned the Arrow of Light and crossovered to Boy Scout. Our entire Webelos Patrol joined the same Boy Scout Troop because it is well-organized. In just about 2 months, all of our boys have almost completed all the Tenderfoot requirements and some of the Second Class requirements. Our goal is to get them to First Class by Summer Camp this June..." I ap
  20. Other than once at a Boy Scout summer camp, I've never had anyone ask to see our tour permit - Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. It's always been there - along with the Guide to Safe Scouting and health forms - but no one ever asks for it. That does not mean you should not have a BALOO person if it is required - just don't go expecting someone to say "Halt! Let me se your Tour Permit!"
  21. You can try sending a "BALOO needed - URGENT" email to your district roundtable/leader email distribution list. I'd bet you'll get someone jumping in to help you quickly.
  22. They were a relic from the disastrous "Improved Scouting" program.
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