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  1. An updated announce is up at http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2012/03/07/are-you-tougher-than-a-boy-scout-now-casting-in-california/ Let's you know how to apply. They're looking for: Theyre looking for adults 29 to 49 who were in Scouts as youth arent current volunteers arent BSA employees arent Eagle Scouts
  2. For those interested, the PDF version of the OP's referenced announcement is available here: http://www.cpds.org/Docs/Cub_Scout_Adult_Leader_Awards_to_be_Consolidated.pdf
  3. As a youth and younger adult leader, I would usually have two uniforms. One for field, one for more formal events, courts of honor, awards ceremonies, etc. It also helped to have two uniform shirts during the week long camps. Remember, you are sure to make it rain when you hand wash your smelly class A and leave it up to dry overnight. It is about the scouts, yes. But there are also adults who do thrive on the recognition. And if those scouters are providing excellent service while earning things, that's fine with me. If they are providing excellent service IN ORDER to earn those things
  4. It looks like you cleaned them out! Can't find those in the closeout list any more. Nothing except ladies long sleeve is in the closeout now (uniform wise) EDIT: (I stand corrected (self).) I found a splash page on the front of the scoutstuff site that links to all the BOGO deals...(This message has been edited by keimel)
  5. It seems as though registrations for the forum are back up and running, thus, I'm in! I could have sworn that, years ago, I created an account, but that could have been numerous emails ago. Who knows. I'm currently a Committee Chair for the pack, but have had experience in the past as ASM and likely will in the future as my kids move along in their scouting experience. I'm in Maine. Cheers to all!
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