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  1. Geronimo will be open for summer camp in 2022. Sales take a long time
  2. Mike, I attended camp there from '75 to '81, staffed Camp Craig as an adult in '91. I was very active in OA; served as Lodge Vice Chief in '81-82.
  3. I had the opportunity to visit the Program area during the recent Boxwell Staff reunion. They had a busy summer camp and participation was good. It was really fun to see the creative way that the staff had built pods for teaching home repair, plumbing, welding, etc. And my heart swelled to see Camp Parnell resurrected and scheduled for further development to support these program offerings!
  4. @Mr Ed T24 there is nothing wrong with coaching the PL on strategies to get everyone to meet the advancement requirement. But beyond that you should wait for requests for further help. Best of luck in serving these young men! Scott
  5. Gentlemen and Ladies, I want to personally apologize for the difficulties you have described. I have been a member of the OA since 1979 and in 4 different councils and lodges. While I have experienced some variations in both election scripts and call out ceremonies, I have never experienced the level of incompetence you have mentioned. The organization has evolved over the years and after much reflection I believe all of the changes have been for the better. That some folks have strayed so far is alarming and require some intervention from the professional staff. Please ask them to be
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