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  1. Here is more detailed information Click here for the full CoL camping committee report - 11 page PDF John
  2. I forwarded my comments to CoL Council. Given Philadelphia's history, perhaps someone who works for or on behalf of the council has knowledge iof historical preservation. The issue is keeping TI open and exploring paths to do so. Let's not muddy the thread by debating what camp was open when.
  3. I am from the southern NJ council and we are going to TI this Friday. Out of council folks should be able to voice their opinion since we all use each other's facilities. There may be a trail to saving Treasure Island. There may be people involved at Cradle of Liberty (Philadelphia) who are far more familiar with this designation than I. National Historic Landmark Status A National Historic Landmark (NHL) is a building, site, structure, object, or district, that is officially recognized by the United States government for its historical significance. All NHLs are listed in the
  4. Here is what I did and it worked like a charm We used to pile 3, 4, or 5 scout patrols and the leaders into ONE campsite. I started renting two or three site at BSA council camps at weekend outings. They are inexpensive and well worth spending the extra 15.00 per weekend (you going to pay the $1 per boy regardless, so you are only renting extra sites. That will only run the boys one more dollar for the trip.... Split the patrols between two campsites and the adults take the third site and walla....you become out of sight - out of mind. BP said kepe the patrols 150 to 300 feet a
  5. FWIW My Troop of 55 registered / 40 actives had six Eagles in calendar year 2007 3 - 16 yo 1 - 17.3 yo 1 - 17.9 yo John
  6. My troop did a weekend out of Henson called survivor. Canoe trip thru the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, MRE's, tarp shelter. Pictures are here. http://www.troop184.com/PictureShow.aspx?dir=2434&img=40294 Run out of Del Mar Va council John
  7. 55 scouts - six patrols - SPL 17 year old Life Green Bar replaces one monthly meeting. SPL, 2 ASPL, 6 PL's, Scribe, Instructor, and Quartermaster, myself and one ASM. They take 75 to 90 minutes. They are held on the last Wed of the month and are used to plan the upcoming month. All troop meeting plans are established - skills session instructors, service patrol (set up and tear down) Game patrol. They review past month activities, plan next month, make all troop meeting agendas for the next month, old and new business. Pretty straight forward. I could not imagine doing a
  8. We institued a new meeting feature at the request of the senior scouts. First a little background 65 scouts of which troop meetings average 35 to 40 scouts, mostly junior scouts. I have 2 patrols of crossovers (14 boys) and 2 patrols of last years crossovers (16) The senior scouts have been griping about "camping with the little kids" and "been there, done that" so I called their bluff. We meet on Wed. nights, so, the first Wednesday of every month the senior scouts get a room to themselves to plan their own high adventure / extra curricular activity. Scouts must be 14 and 1st
  9. Lisabob, My scenario in the Patrol Realignment thread is similar. My SPL, the PL and I talked and it was decided to give them until the end of this year to get their act together. Knock of the bickering, everyone do their duty, no whining, no more BS at campouts, etc. The troop will not allow negative interactions of the few, to take away from the positive learning experiences and interactions of the many. Should it come down to it, the two patrol's in question (both crossed last year) are going to be divided by rank, ability, and skill. This will provide for more stratified
  10. ASM915, I forgot to elaborate on the other questions you had.... How large of a town and what kind of traffic flow are we talking about, small town, mid-size city? Pretty much your standard, suburban township. How many vehicles per hour? No clue but not extremely heavy traffic and not light either. Any drinks or just Hoagies? - Just hoagies Same meat or different kinds? All Italian. Never order them with oil because the rolls get soggy pretty fast. Be sure they are individually wrapped. How many scouts? Every location had a Field Leader or Cmte member a
  11. ASM915, They are made by a local deli. I don't know what time they get to work but it is probably the time the average scout falls asleep on a Friday night :-) Is your July festival during 4th of July festivities? Perhaps a craft booth tailored to patriotic items. Maybe run a woodworking MB in April / May and make Uncle Sam items, etc. Then have the scouts staff the booth and sell them. Just a thought. A race could be tough because I believe you have to pay for security, pay for police to block roads, etc I run a golf tournament in April for our troop. I call it St.
  12. Steve, We tried a sit down once and it went over like a box of rocks. Lot's of prep work, many hours and about 800 net. For my troop anyway, they seem to require lot's of time. We do the hoagies because it is 1. Make a phone call to order X hoagies 2. Pick them up 3. Sell them 4. 4 hours - done We may try another sit down though - especially with the place mat idea ala longhaul Longhaul, I love the place mat idea......very creative Eagle90, Does your rummage sale basically go like this.... Hear ye, hear ye, bring out your dusty, good for nothing, stored
  13. Just sharing what we did and how we did it in case you may want to emulate. I scouted out multiple locations in our township that allowed for a drive thru hoagie sale. They were primarily school and church parking lots, plus an ice cream shop, and an ACME supermarket. I received permission from the onwner of each location. We had signs printed (a scout Dad is a printer) and laminated them for future use. The signs were mounted to "election sign" metal frames. We posted the signs like the 1950's barbasol signs that were read as drivers came up to road toward the "drive thru's"
  14. Since we are off the original topic, I will chime in on the new one.... Patrols are autonomous but they do, and must report to h igher authority. Not necessarily for direction, but for advice and guidance. Analogies - SURE Military A patrol may operate independently, in a manner they deem fit to get the mission done, given the mission they accepted or were tasked to do. THe SPL is the General, the SM is the Chaimrman of the joint chiefs, and the ASM's are the Chief of Staff Business unit A patrol operates to get the job done in manner they seem fit but are held account
  15. I would add the following two merit badges to Eagle Required Entrepreneurship With this MB as a prerequisite to American Business American Business Alter Req #5 to be organizing and running a troop fundraiser ________________ We expect them to contribute and pay their way. This provides a tool to do so. It also take the mysticism and magic out of business. Young men (and adults)see business as a lucky break, when in fact it generally is not. With offshoring, outsourcing, etc, etc, it is in ones best long term interest to work for themselves - providing they can find so
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