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  1. Please hold the iPad to your shoulders and feel my back pats....   Are you hiking with anyone else?   Are you headed into Maryland?  

    Hahaha thank you! I'm hiking with a 74-year old co-worker who is a former CC of another troop and can outhike me big time! (I'm 55!)

    This is our 4th year doing sections of the AT.  Our first summer was in PA, and the last 3 working our way through Virginia--so we're going South (SOBO).  Co-worker Paul's goal is to do the entire AT, one piece at a time. My goal is to climb those mountains "because they're there"!  We pick a week in July and hike for 7-10 days.

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  2. But it is of value in emergencies where taking advantage of a discreet amount of savings allows the unit to purchase that new gear that just went unexpectedly on sale, that Philmont slot that opened up at the last minute or that unexpected expense of replacement (of gear or such) due to an act of God.


    Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Personal Mgmt even teaches us to save and invest wisely, keep good records and audit to maintain credibility. It does NOT teach us to live paycheck to paycheck.

    Personal Management is not the same as Troop Management.  In your annual budget planning, the oldest/most worn equipment should be replaced.  Have enough in reserve for the September post-summer Camp COH.  Camping, Awards, equipment, etc.  Every fundraiser has a definite purpose.  "We are raising money in order to ___________."  If you can't fill in that blank, don't do the fundraiser.  Don't have an "emergency fund"?  There's the purpose for a fundraiser, but the money is ONLY used for that purpose--it's kept "aside" on paper and declared as Emergency Funds in the Treasurer's report. In Personal Management, investing and saving is encouraged.  Why a scout troop would invest/risk their hard-earned money is beyond my understanding.  Scouts have no "skin in the game" if their money is sitting in a CD or an investment portfolio.  Saving is fine, but it should have a purpose. For example, purchasing a trailer.   In Troop Management, "thrifty" means "spend wisely".  There is no retirement fund in Troop Management.


    So, your fundraiser(s) went much better than expected and you have quite the surplus?  Spend it off by subsidizing some high-adventure trips, or summer camp! How about some custom Troop hats or T-shirts for the boys?  But SPEND it!!!!  Like Stosh said, money in the bank does the boys no good.  A five-figure bank account in a scout troop or Cub Pack is nothing more than an ego-boost for the treasurer.  Raise what you need, and put the money to work for your boys.


    BSAs Unit Budget Plan is the way to go.  Go by the book, and no one can call you out. (Miss you Tom!)

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  3. Starting at US 60 (Lexington Turnpike near Brown Mountain Creek Shelter). My end goal ( approx. 100 miles) around McAfee Knob.  The last 40 looks like easy terrain.


    At my age, the only things I'm lugging are lunch and water.  Yup, well over 40. Celebrated the double-nickel last week. :)  I hike with a co-worker who's amazing.  He's 71 this year.


    Staying in Daleville as long as it's practical.

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  4. I'll be hitting the AT in Virginia starting on 7/16.  Hiking southbound.  I was hoping to meet Matthew on the trail, but he's cookin' right along, and we won't cross paths :(  I'm starting just south of Shenandoah NP and hope to do 100 miles in less than 10 days. (day hiking--gettin' too old to lug all that gear!)

  5. Report everything to the Camp Director.  No E-mails!!!!   Ink to paper, sent Certified Mail, return receipt requested is the only way to go for something like this!!!  Do it today!


    "We didn't get your e-mail" is a convenient dodge.  A green postcard returned to you with a signature is the only way to go.  $5 well spent.  CYA, as they say. :)


    If you don't get a response within 7 days, contact the Scout Executive, by phone AND Certified Mail.  An issue like this is a serious safety issue which I'm certain the council will investigate right away.  It's not your job to point out the safety shortcomings, range officer qualifications, etc.  That is the job of the council, let them do their job.  You may be asked to file a claim with your own insurance company for the time being.  If so, do it.  The two companies can work out the issues, and you'll get your glass fixed.


    And, of course, I'd suggest parking somewhere else from now on!  :)


    Thank you for your service at CSDC, volunteers are often hard to find.

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  6. Haven't heard of that, but it sounds like a good idea for the reasons you state.  I just hope the camp wouldn't make it public knowledge.


    I can see it now, Tenderfoot Timmy's troop is off for a week at summer camp.  Here comes Timmy's dad, Helicopter Harry with the rig in tow. And the wife.  And the three other kids. And the dog.


    Oh it'll be a fun week.  :)

  7. "A Scout Is Helpful," "Do A Good Turn Daily," "Cheerful Service," etc. are the things we live by as Scout Troops.  Nowhere does it say "A Scout Should be Taken Advantage Of"


    For example, there's a big difference between mowing or raking the grounds of the Veterans' Home, and doing a total landscaping.  And, oh yeah, can you move the cannon to the other side of the yard?


    Never let the Scouts get "in over their heads" when offering to help when asked.  It's OK to politely decline, and in Boy-Led units (which I hope all of ours are) the boys can be assisted in their decision making thorough what we called "guided discovery"  Do they still teach that in adult leader training?

  8. This is a "scouting activity" regardless of whether the rest of the Troop attends or not,  and there will be plenty of "trained leaders" at the event.  Keep doing what you're doing, and keep the council posted of your son's activities.


    You did say that the Council/District advancement people have already given this activity the "green light," so any worries are unfounded.

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  9. I'll be heading south on the AT after the 4th of July week for 2 weeks, starting in Southern VA at the Washington/Jefferson Forest section.  Perhaps I'll see Matthew heading north!  Anyway, it's definitely the experience of a lifetime.

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  10. www.mertibadge.org is a helpful site for worksheets, but they are by no means required.  A completed blue card is all you need. Troop files advancement report. Advancement report goes to Council. Council enters information into database.  Done deal.


    If your Eagle has saved any written work that accompanied any of his badges, it's always a good idea to bring that to the Board Of Review, but again, not required.

  11. "Do you plan on voting in the upcoming election?"--completely appropriate.


    "For whom are you voting in the upcoming election"--without question, inappropriate.


    If I were a board member, I would immediately request a recess, as stated earlier, and put forth my strongest objections to the question.


    It's nobody's business. Period.

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  12. It's been a couple years but my district used to request the form and any supporting letter be sent to the SM or Eagle Coordinator of the troop.  The expectation is the letters would be received in sealed envelops and delivered unopened, with the Eagle package.

    Same in our neck of the woods.  The letters are not destroyed and traditionally we include them in the "binder" that's presented at the ECOH.

  13. The reason PDA is not specifically addressed by National BSA?



    Varying Community Standards.


    Where holding hands and a peck on the cheek may go virtually unnoticed in one area of the country, people of other areas may find it distasteful. I've noticed this in the various posts, by various people, in various geographic regions.  What is perfectly acceptable in New England very well can be  " punishable by pillory" in the Bible Belt.  Scouters who relocate should realize this.  When in Rome..., etc.


    This is not to say that unmarried couples tenting together, etc., should be condoned in any case.  If the G2SS says no, it's no.


    Venturing YPT is twenty minutes well-spent, and probably should be the consistent code of conduct in this case--just my opinion.

  14. Since no one can get a concise answer, including our Troop, here's what we're doing:


    Be it resolved that the Earth will still rotate, and the Sun will still rise in the East on April 1st:


    We see no need to cancel or modify our April activities.  If the TAP is available online, as it has been, we fill it out and submit it.  If it's not there, then we don't.  No hand-wringing. No agonizing. We follow the same rules as outlined on the document (Training, properly licensed drivers, insurance) because they make sense.  Common sense.  The possible elimination of a form doesn't mean the elimination of common sense and good practice.  We deal with too much paperwork as it is; it's time to step up and be responsible.


    Maybe make several copies of the TAP, fill one out for each activity, and leave it with the CO instead of the council, if the council suddenly decides it doesn't want it.  As long as someone has it.  If you're not up-front about insurance requirements and properly trained leaders, then shame on you and your CO.  There are consequences. Know before you go.


    Seems pretty simple, no?

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