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  1. As Eagle92 mentions, DE is basically useless in these kind of situations unless there is a YP issue/criminal problem (no offense). Talking to a district commissioner and requesting mediation help is a possibility. Letting them know whats going on is a good thing and can avoid problems. Having had to remove a den leader, our process went like this... Steps: 1) Petition committee to hear reccomendation to remove den leader. 2) Notify committee ahead of time. 3) Notify den leader of intended action. 4) Request den leader attend committee meeting to address the committee or pro
  2. So what exactly is meant by tucking the collar under? Are you saying that one should roll the entire collar under the shirt to make it collarless? Seems like it would be very uncomfortable having the collar like that.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  4. Congrats fellow Bobwhite! Bobwhites - Tastes great, less filling!
  5. I'd like to find a decent online source for a campaign hat that is reasonably priced ($30-40). Does anyone have any recommendations? Campaign hat is the Smokey the bear/trooper hat for those wondering. I appreciate any help you can give.
  6. Hey CubMon. When I went to WB I saw every shape and size of tent you can imagine. It's really up to you what you take. If all you have is a bigger tent, take it. Just make a few trips from the car. WB isn't a high adventure experience, you don't need to fit everything into a backpack or rough it IMHO. I have severe sleep apnea and needed access to electricity of some kind to run my CPAP machine. It wasn't a problem. I have a bad back so I had a cot and pad in my tent. I was prepared for my needs and knew it would take a few trips to get setup. The second weekend you are with
  7. I like training because it teaches the BSA way of doing things. I've seen leaders that haven't done their training and on occasion have seen discrepancies. I don't want to see a scout learn Jim Bob's way of doing X,Y,Z, I want to see them learning the BSA way. Conversely, if I'm volunteering to fill a role, I want the training, being left to twist out in the wind isn't my idea of fun. Just my two cents.
  8. Yesterday I had my beading ceremony for course C-26-09. It was a big day for me for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that my son got to be part of the ceremony and see his Dad's efforts finally pay off. I finished a few months ago and just got around to doing the beading ceremony yesterday. Wood badge is in a lot of ways like advanced technical training. Since CISCO is a widely public brand, let's take a minute to consider the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching). This is a certification that employers love to see on a resume. A person with
  9. Patrol, Beads, Woggle, Neckerchief are just "things". They have a purpose, a history, a shared camaraderie, and are perfectly acceptable things to be proud of receiving for a person's effort. And while a few people cant see the forest for the trees, most do. Most recognize that they items are one facet of team building used in the course. The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country. -- Sir Robert Baden Powell Through the wood badge journey participants experience every level of scouting, as the wood badger
  10. >How can someone employ EDGE to teach scoutcraft when no scoutcraft is taught to the EDGE trained leader? Didn't realize that scoutcraft was passed down by oral tradition only. You are splitting hairs. Lots of other adult scout training available to get all the scoutcraft a person could need. Plus let's not forget all of the other resources that are available - books, guides, personal scouting experience growing up, etc. etc. You can be the most experienced adult scouter in the world and be a terrible teacher and leader. Give a person the tools to teach and lead effectiv
  11. An interesting topic for sure. I personally find no problem with kilts. If a kilt was good enough for Lord B.P. I feel its good enough for myself or any scout. I ran across this intel on another site.. "As I posted before, all Scouts and Scouters may wear McLaren tartan, pursuant to permission granted by their former clan chief which has never been rescinded. When William F. Dubois McLaren, then a commissioner in the Scouting movement, heard that clanless Scouts in Scotland were being harassed and told that they could not wear a tartan, he is reported to have replied: "R
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