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  1. Scott If the kilt was part of this young mans hertiage then the question would never have been posted which it is not. There would not have been any problem with him wearing a kilt, but his reason for wearing a kilt is because he likes it, not becuse of his hertiage.
  2. Hi Everyone; I am the Scoutmaster for the troop with the boy who wants to were the kilt, I have been reading all the input and greatly appreciate all your help and ideas. In the begining I did not want the young man to wear a kilt at all ,since I have been Scoutmaster of ths troop this question has never been asked all my boys knew that they should wear there offical uniform no question asked,and I have had 7 Scouts become Eagle in the last four year which I feel is a great accomplishment on there part. That is why I insisted on the Offical Boy Scout niform. And that is why w
  3. Thanks for all the input, my husband who is the Scoutmaster appreiciates all your input. The reason this young man wants to wear the kilt is because it looks and that's about it. So this was why we wanted to find out about the officail BSA uniform. Plus this young man likes to be the center of attention at all functions.
  4. Just a quick question we have a young man in our troop just made Eagle. He is having his Court Of Honor along with another young man. This young man is insisting on wearing his kilt why we don't know but my husband advised him that this was not the official boy scout uniform unfortuntely this young man does not believe the scoutmaster. I have searched all over the internet and have found some sites that indicate what the officeial is long pants, shirt, socks all that necessary items. Just need some reassurance that this is correct and that a kilt is not the official boy scout u
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