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  1. any thoughts? Most of the stuff I find Googling is rather type-cast. Funny would be fine, but not at the expense of perpetuating stereo-types. The boys are going to spend the next few meetings working on the Native American electives and learning about the tribes that settled our area.I would like to be able to use their crafts/musical instruments/costumes/bows?etc. in the B&G skit so they can showcase them. Help!
  2. Please, PLEASE do some research into your state's child passanger safety laws. Seat belts should NEVER be shared. As for booster seats, most state's laws have not caught up with recognized risks and therefore, even if you are compliant with the law, you may be putting a child at risk. Most kids, even those who weigh over 40 lbs, really need to be in a booster seat in order to properly position the belt over the hip bones. You are not really "big enough" for an adult belt until you can sit properly with your feet on the floor and the belt on your chest (not neck). Furth
  3. Yep. I have a boy in my den who worked on his book all summer long. He'll be a Wolf in a couple of weeks and will get six Arrow Points awarded that day as well.
  4. My father has mentioned that his childhood church was very against his participation in Scouts because of the uniform. I can't remember the exact demonitation ...but it was Christian-based. Something about the uniform reflecting alliegence to something other than God.
  5. We have the Taurus model from ALPS (via ScoutDirect) in both the 5 person outfiter version as well as a lighter 2-man Aluminum pole model. Love 'em. Further, we have two of their air matresses, which are comparable to Thermarest products. Very nice people -- spoke to them over the phone when ordering our stuff. Two thumbs up!
  6. UPDATE! As of our Leader Meeting last night, the den will be split. My CC and CM are handling the meeting next week. I, thankfully, will not be a part of it (the actual split and choosing a new leader). It is being presented as a Pack Comittee decision in order to be in compliance with the program. What a relief! I am sure that it will be UGLY though. These parents DON'T want this. Thanks for the good advice and the warm welcome!
  7. Oh, I love you guys! You're so empowering! I agree, this is not good for my son. HE would be done with his Wolf badge right now if not for all of the attention I spread elsewhere. To clarify, I was not their Tiger Leader last year. Our Unit commisioner was. I am brand spankin' new -- NLE and Cub specific next month as well at University of Scouting. So I have yet to recieve the training that will inform me as to exactly how far I have been pushed, lol! So far, our meetings have been very productive for the boys in that the kids who never get book credit are completing a lot of
  8. I know -- 20 is a classroom, not a den. We had roughly a dozen (give or take an undecided) back from Tigers. Then Round-up brought us eight new sign ups, several stragglers ponied up dues, etc. and BOOM -- 20 kids. I am fairly irritated, actually. The problem with this particular group of parents is that they started of on the wrong foot in Tigers. We came to the den in JAnuary of last year as Tigers and the "guest DL" was still handling meetings alone with no parent participation. No push has been made to make these parent perform -- they were handed a "freebie"
  9. to do my duty to God and the 20 little boys currently in one wolf den under me... Hey folks! I am a new DL of an obviously swollen Wolf den with exceedingly hesitant (lazy?!) parent participation. We are plugging along (two den meetings under our belt already!), working on the issue with my UC and CC, so we shall see how much longer I have to herd rather than lead. I am very interested in hanging around and absorbing info from other sources, especially that which may prevent my early burn-out!
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