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  1. The hardest Adult position to fill is a PARENT. You can fill all the positions in scouting with adults but if you have an absent parent or parents then you will have a hard time with the youth involved. Its common knowledge that the more active a parent(s) role with the activities their children are in the more successful the child will be in the program. To many times I've seen youths in the program not do well because their parents were not involved. Most youths react to what they see that their parents take time to be involved with. I can go on and on about this but my view is that the Pa
  2. To also touch on this. I was chapter chief for my chapter when I was 15 and a few months after ordeal. My first ever chapter meeting after ordeal I was asked to be Chapter 2nd Vice Chief because they didn't have one and asked for the next year would I want to run for Chapter Chief. I jumped right on that and served two years as Chapter Chief than stepped down for others to have a chance and filled in as 1st Vice to help the new Chief. So, if this example helps you tell your son if he is willing to take on the task to go for it. During my first year I was so motivated and go other youths motiva
  3. What you said is true. Remington's older firearms were know to have to occur. However, most of the time it wasn't because of the firearm it was because of the person holding the firearm didn't do it correctly. The reason that they did the update of the trigger was to dummy proof the guns. You look at most handguns now days and the use what is called the butterfly trigger. This type of trigger has to be correctly pressed for the firearm to fire. Remington has corrected the "problem" and made their firearms more dummy proof. I have a Remington 700 and I've never had a problem with it wha
  4. I am not trying to steal a thread or anything. I just stated my opinion, which is the point of forums. I am in no way saying anything wrong in this situation. I am amazed by his accomplishments. Hints the reason I sad Wow. 17 palms is a lot. I am allowed to have my opinion. I was just stating a fact that at least of my friends who I'm still very close to 6 or us were blessed to be able to finish. Also, I never said I feel elite to anyone. You were reading too much into what I posted. All I was saying is that it just makes me think. I started in Boy Scouts when I was around 12
  5. Sorry I notice after my post. I meant to say that anything that the Cubs do would be fine. No one should be upset with them just trying to do the right thing. Also, it is true hold up the flag is supper hard in windy situations.
  6. All I have to say is "Wow." I remember finishing my Eagle the day before I was 18. I just feel that boys shouldn't be earning their eagle at 13 or 14 years old. I just feel earning it that young doesn't instill in them what the purpose of that accomplishment is. This has been a great debate for many years. In my small group of friends, 6 out of the 8 are eagle scouts. We all were in scouting and we all finish around are 18th birthdays. I took on a project that took me over a year from planning to finishing. I feel if I finished younger I wouldn't have fulling appreciated the honor I received
  7. From someone who was in JROTC and in the Navy on the Honor Guard for both. The American Flag is always kept straight as others have stated. The reason for tilting of the other colors you would be using (Troop, State or other organization flag)is so the flag bearer can render a salute. I know when I was doing ceremonies I would always you the flag belt holders. They are great and allow you to not bear all the weigh of the flag in your hands. However, in any case if you are dealing with Cub Scouts or even younger Scouts nothing you would do would be fine. The BSA is not a military organiza
  8. Yeah, I thought it was wierd. But I passed the first interviews an I now have to do this test. I was just looking to see if anyone had any ideas about it. I'm not to worried about it. I've taken several throughout my life for school and jobs.
  9. Just wanted to find out if anyone had any incite on the personality test that is given during your interview process as a DE? I have been trying to find some information on it and have been unable to do so. Any information would be great.
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