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  1. What is this? This mom, parent, adult just verbally abused, bullied, and swore at one of the scouts in the troop (not her own) in front of all the troop members at camp. BAD DAY? Even on my worst day I would never do something as wrong and immature as this. Nobody pushes my buttons but me and sure as anything not some little kid. What if the next time she steps it up and goes from verbal abuse to physical? Can't happen well I witnessed it first hand at summer camp on family night. There was some yelling going on in the site next to ours, my ASM and I went to take a look. As we entered the site
  2. I had originally thought that this mom was a leader or CM from the troop. Since she's not that does change it a little bit. But let's look at this a little closer. First off mom is gone from scout activities (two years at least). Second if this boy was such a pain in the butt all week why was he still in camp on Friday night? I have been in charge of summer camp for 20 years as both ASM and SM and every once in awhile would run into one of these kind of kids, he's not homesick (which is a different matter altogther) he just doesn't want to be there. Since he doesn't want to have a good time he
  3. Packsaddle had some good questions. Here are a couple more. How many other parents were in the site to see this? Was she loud enough that neighboring sites heard and came by to see what was going on? I do like the one question pack had, what are the boys parents saying comcerning this?
  4. First off she needs to be shown the door ASAP. Next I would be way more worried about many of the other parents getting wind of this and pulling their sons out. The fact that she holds some position in the troop may send the message to others that this is how ALL leaders handle things. I've watched well established troops go right down the toilet for issues just like this. You need to meet with all the parents and come up with some way to smooth this over and reasure them that this is not the type of behavior that the adults of the troop support. I understand your concern for her son but righ
  5. The only scout leaders I fired directly were the SPL's the PL's and the QM were fired by thier patrols and the SPL. None of that happened though until I could get it through to the boys that if you want to hold a position and lead you would need to do the job. The SMC's were my courtesy to them. They were well aware of what they had gotten themselves into.
  6. Oh and before I did the firing I had SMC with each of the boys and let them know what needed to happen and what was expected of them. I just did not come out and fire them.
  7. In my first 3 years as SM I fired 4 SPL's, 9 PL, and 1 QM. Once the boys realized I was not kidding around and they would be held accountable for doing their jobs the rest was easy. Had a couple of parents take their boys elsewhere, no problem. Setting the proper example is job number one if you ask me.
  8. No chiding from me either. The second year that I was SM I had a few boys and their parents that thought they would test me and see just how far I could be pushed. My problem was with cell phones and game boys at the time. oh and don't forget that lazy "take care of me" attitude that some of the boys had. Sorry but I don't believe that technology needs to be at the boys access 24/7. Before camp I told the boys NO game boys and all cell phones will be handed to me and if you needed to use it come to me and you will use them right there in front of me. Just like the pay phone rules that many ca
  9. Sorry I ran a non-union shop. Like twocubdad there already is a verbal contract that exists. Had a troop in our area that used these things. His problem wasn't with scouts as much as it was parents. Though once the scouts saw what the parents did they really had no trouble following right along.
  10. He never has been interested in justice. Tell you what when that young kid did the shooting in SC Obama came out and spoke down about slavery. Right after that he told his negotiators working on the Trans Pacific Partnership to lighten up on the rules against Malaysia's human trafficing. You know if I was a reporter I would not know how to approach this guy, you never no which end he is going to talk out of. What bothers me more then anything is the simple way the American people and Government is just letting him destroy our nation both at home and abroad.
  11. You know Stosh I have always supported ones right to bear arms. Never owned a gun myself, didn't hunt and really saw no need for it. A few years ago though I said enough is enough if my own government refuses to protect me and my family then I guess its up to me. Bought a gun joined a club and learned how to use my weapon. Been packing since.
  12. Until our law makers stop worrying about offending Latinos and worry more about protecting All Americans this is just going to continue. Look at how they hung Donald Trump out to dry for his remarks. Not a fan of his, but a good amount of what he said wasn't to far off the truth. Every time something like this comes up all you get is lip service, we don't have the money to protrect our borders or the manpower. I guess you wouldn't if all you worry about is the Middle East and Afganistan. We need an American President not some world peace-keeper.
  13. For every leader that complains about what you did he most likely gets 10 more that want more merit badges and larger size classes to accomidate as many boys as possible. The one thing I have always done in my time as an ASM and SM was got those pre camp and post camp meetings. A beach ball going down the shore line doesn't roll as much as I would roll my eyes. Talk about people without a clue. One major thing I would always hear is we need more Eagle badges so that the older boys would have something to do at camp. One year in camp I had a SM come up and ask me how did you "bribe" your older
  14. I'm just pissed because TVland took the Dukes of Hazard off because the General Lee had one of those flags painted on it.
  15. I still have some reservations going into salt water, between Jaws and now Shark week all that I keep hearing in the back of my head is dant, dant, dant, dant.
  16. That was the last year that I was there too. We were back in the Lenape cabins which were back behind the pool. Rodney is the only camp in our area that I know still offers troop cooking, bringing our own food and making up the menu is the best. Plus I find their program and staff to be top notch. Those cliffs weren't always there, a few bad storms came right up the bay and took a good part of the shoeline away. They were worried at one time that they may lose their Nature lodge to the bay. The old swimming area was just passed the main parade field.
  17. I've been reading through is as it has gone along. I have only one question. If the picture of the young man who did this was holding the stars and stripes would SC have even considered taking down the stars and bars?
  18. You mean I was taught how to swim by a non-instructor. (dad) Yes it is a skill and believe me once you get a person comfortable with just being in the water the rest comes easy. I've taught many boys who never learned to swim how to and I am no instructor. I am in the process of teaching my 4 year old granddaughter. It is just like fire building or lashing, a skill that can be taught without having some kind of special certificate. Now was he handicapped in any way? This could be a problem and in that case I would want to get an instructor. You never mentioned the other camps.
  19. That summer we were at Camp Rodney which is in Maryland right on the Northern part of the Chesapeake Bay. Back then swimming and boating was done in the bay. The pool was only used for swimming and lifesaving merit badges. It was hot that week, but not one single one of us would go down and swim in the bay. Instead they had these outdoor type showers and we would put on our bathing suits and cool off there. SM asked what our problem was, were we too lazy to walk down to the bay and swim? My PL looked at him and said we went to the movies last week and saw Jaws. He looked at all of us and just
  20. I will kind of disagree with you on this. Yes 1st Class is one of the most important ranks there is. Because once 1st class you have learned all the basic skills needed. Star, Life and Eagle concentrate on the other important part of scouting and that is leadership. Yes I know one can be any rank and hold a position, and I call them learning teachers although they may have some of the skills they are still learning the others needed to get to 1st class. For the higher ranks you are now asked to take those skills and begin to run the program and lead the younger scouts. Yes I do agree t
  21. desertrat77 your killing me. I just went back to 1975 was walking with a couple of buddies from action archery and stopped at the TP for a rootbeer float. Aahh the good old days. The only required badge I earned in camp was swimming and that was my first year at camp. Did one year as CIT and another as staff, never earned one badge doing them either. Way too much fun to sit and write outdoors. You got me on the basketry one though I did do it as a patrol badge when I was 16.
  22. Neither do I, now. The point was to offer to help not whether I had a pool or not. Change to the community pool, Y, or school pool. That's what you got out of what I said? I have met many boys in my time as a leader who have never been introduced or even given the chance to learn how to swim. Instead ofr blaming parents maybe it would be helpful to offer to help. The offer could also be done right there at camp.
  23. Here is my reply. I have a 4 foot pool, why don't you and your family come over Saturday and we'll work on getting your son comfortable with the water, have a little cook out and just enjoy ourselves. Or my son and another scout will work with your son at improving his water skills. Parent was not helping, maybe they couldn't, but sure as anything neither were you.
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