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    • And the challenge is that sooo many Scouters take WB and assume they are now the end all be all when what needs to be conveyed is likely how to actually run a program, make sure they have a fun program, and know how to run a unit While leadership and management team development is important, not sure it is what the focus of the "premiere" BSA training course should be.  Really needs to be focused on what the heck to do outdoors, how to have a successful unit program, how to implement Boy Led units.
    • I did not make the  BSA is a national member society of WOSM. WOSM is the ultimate grantor of the license for Scouting.  comment. Just curious when this happened since BSA was founded in 1910 and WOSA in 1922?  
    • Wood badge is now about leadership management team development whether you like it or not. I think it is a good course so long as you're not expecting the Scout craft course. Most of the Scout crafts has been moved to introduction to outdoor leadership skills. Is there enough time in that course to cover everything? No. Should BSA introduce a intense scoutcraft course for adults? Maybe. Will enough adults take it? I have my doubts considering we can't get them i o l s for 24 hours when it is basic training. For more Scouts skill courses I would suggest requesting them at your local University of scouting. Most councils have that once a year, a day-long training for adults.  
    • That doesn't sound so bad. Between the proclivity towards promiscuity, antipathy towards knives, and uninspiring coed programs of other countries...
    • That's an odd statement (about WOSM being the grantor of a license for scouting). I'm sure WOSM would like things to be that way, but as Baden-Powell put it many years ago, "Scouting is a movement, not an organization." There are many scouting and guiding associations that have nothing to do with WOSM or WAGGGS.
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