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    • I face the same issue with my daughter and I am her Den Leader. While I want to roll my eyes at much of this mess, I have to give a head nod to the idea that she is indeed a scout and should be treated as such with proper female leadership (believe me, I loathe this rule as it negatively impacts my ability to be a leader - made my wife sit through the YPT so I could at least give some lip service to having a YPT female around). You being there doesn't satisfy the YPT standards. We can imagine a different circumstance where you might be divorced and took your daughter to such an event and your x-wife filed a complaint against the camp for not following YPT rules. Accusations could be made (about you or maybe another staff member). Even if nothing happened, the camp did not follow the rules.
    • Before you even get to the point of pack events, you need to have at least one registered female leader for the DEN.  Your pack should be planning now for such possibilities by having more than a single registered adult female so that is not an issue. If  you are a pack that will be taking girls, then it is your responsibility to "be prepared" for the fact that you will likely need more than a single female adult leader.   No disagreement with your last two paragraphs. Not a fan of the double standard. A (YPT trained) scout is trustworthy, unless they are a male around girls then they must be under the watchful eye of a female. And of course, the assumption by extension that two YPT trained males are of no risk of violating the rules with just boys around.
    • She isn't a member of the troop. She is, as you state, a tag along. Same rules should apply that would govern any other non-member of the troop that happens to be on site during a troop event.   Correct. Not the troop's responsibility any more than a boy that was a tag along non-member of the troop. No, but we adult arm-chair lawyers can sure find ways to muck it up more than it need be. Troops are not responsible for non-members.
    • You can always be with your child.  the problem comes when a girl is not related to a leader, then you need a female leader I believe.  
    • My recent issue at Webelos camp could fall under this question. Last week, myself and 2 other registered Male leaders, took 4 boys and 1 girl to Resident camp.  The girl happens to be my daughter. Our campsite was shared by 2 other units.  One was all boy and male leaders, the other was a unit that had 5 Webelos boys, and one Webelos girl (the girls of both units shared a tent). SO officially, we had 2 girls in camp, with no female leadership. Now, me being the father of one, did I still need a female leader?  The other unit's girl was NOT a direct family member and definitely needed a female leader. Luckily, the Camp Director arranged to have a female staffer over 21 join our campsite for the 3 nights, but it still raised a flag since we were going station to station without female leadership. now that its past, the Camp Director has realized that next year, all female/co-ed units should be in the same campsite with the same rotation periods, so they could go together.  (there was 2 other units with female leadership and girl Webelos).   So I guess my real question is:  If the Scout is my daughter, do I still need to bring a female leader if my daughter is our only female scout attending an event?  Another long time scouter told me that as soon as she staid in a different tent, she should have been treated as a Scout, and not a dependent, and proper female leadership should have attended.
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