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    • Welcome, from a fellow Beaver.  MT-14, 1972
    • Ha ha, very good.  Ian (UK degenerate) P.s. moderators, seriously, if it was anything I said, or stirred someone else to say from my comments, my heartfelt apologies.
    • I never said the law wasn't an ass, it's confusing vague and all sorts of bad things, probably brought in knee jerk after the media went on about knife crime for a bit. But changing it is hardly a vote winner, and there isn't a knife lobby, an NKA I suppose, in the UK, to fight for the rights of knife owners, so *shrugs* we just get on with it, and honestly, we're fine with it. Not sure this discussion can really go anywhere, so I'm going to leave it there.     
    • From the 1911 edition of the Scout Handbook (emphases is mine): Being scout like requires us to show respect to those who's religious beliefs are different from ours. Respect does not require agreement. Just be careful about throwing words like "evil", "immoral" and "corrupt" around when referring to the beliefs of others.
    • I talked to a guy in town that took wb from Hillcourt. Each patrol made and led games that taught outdoor skills. That was the program - fun with a purpose. That would have been a great course.
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