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    • Unlike when the LDS units dropped and most of their membership left the UMC situation should be more of a change in CO status with most of those units and scouts remaining in the program.  I am sure we will lose a few units and scouts, but not the mass drop in enrollment that some are fearing.  
    • I'm burnt out on the discussion of same age / new scout / mixed age / etc for patrol design. I wanted to add though ... the worst mistake our troop ever did was rebalance the patrols where the SPL and the ASPL based on input from a strong-willed parent rebalanced by assigning scouts to new patrols.  Horrible mistake.  The first / second year scouts took it easy.  The 16/17 year old scouts almost quit.   I'm highly for letting the scouts choose their patrol ... always ... with a little bit of supportive guidance from SM / SPL.  Let the scouts switch patrols if they want.  I just hate telling the scouts here's who you will be your partner all weekend.  It's the number one way to create scouts that ignore what you say.   I still remember the 16/17 year old scouts who had strong ownership of their Wolverine patrol.  Learned at an Eagle COH that they choose the name because they loved the movie Red Dawn and that was the team mascot in the movie.  They had strong patrol ownership.  Proud.  Then, being told to (in their eyes) arbitrarily join a random new patrol.  It destroyed a point of pride they had.    
    • Pacan- at this stage things are in flux. I would not read too much in until we learn more.  Also, the plural task forces referred to the BSA group AND the UMC group that are meeting together. Not sure if there are any other subgroups. Just to clarify.
    • I have been a leader for Venturing and Sea Scouts for 5 years now.  I know that the age is older and the are more mature.  But co-ed makes our group stronger.  
    • Makes sense, but that is a lot of sexual abuse. And NYLT is generally observed pretty close. I wonder what is labeled sexual abuse. Barry
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