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    • I could see National having a trial run of AI Council Scout Executives..
    • We pay the dues for all of our youth members. Sending them a link is insane.   ETA: I don't mean we collect dues and pay them for everyone at once; I mean the Troop pays for the dues out of our fundraiser. Now we have to track and pay monthly for the Scouts, and they are getting sent things that mean nothing to them.
    • We're just scratching the surface on AI. To be honest, I'm looking forward to when it can navigate Scoutbook for me.
    • For those not familiar with Scouting in Wisconsin, Three Harbors council serves Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties (which collectively have a population of about 1.3 million people). Milwaukee County Council merged with the Southeastern Wisconsin Council (Racine and Kenosha counties) in 2011. Following the merger, they had 4 council camps, but soon made plans to divest themselves of two camps in Northern Wisconsin (LeFeber and Robert S. Lyle). These camps were gorgeous, but a 3-4 hour from their core footprint. The two surviving camps (Indian Mound and Oh-Da-Ko-Ta) were much closer to the youth served by the council. I'm pleased to hear that Indian Mound will be under the stewardship of the local Potowatomi, but this has been a hard fall for Scouting around Milwaukee.
    • More often than not, I've seen camp staffers wear silver shoulder loops; however, I've also been part of a camp staff that elected to wear green tabs to promote Venturing because we were all registered members of the same Crew. Personally, I lean toward silver because it helps distinguish staff from unit scouters (so people know where to direct their questions). Ultimately, you'll want to clarify with the Camp Director or another senior staffer to determine what's most appropriate. Have fun out there!
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