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    • An idea for a great service project: help a girls den, or two, run fun meetings. Make them all den chiefs of a AOL den and invite them to scout events. Point is create a relationship between the den and the troop. Whenever we do that we get lots of recruits. When we stop, things dry up. If it's appearance that counts then there's no relationship.
    • Is there a precedent? Is there another financial web that is this tightly dependent on each node and yet claim independence? Mary Kay? Franchises? If a couple of franchises of a restaurant sell burgers with mouse feet in them and the main company covers it up what happens? Especially where, if a franchise looses it's licence, all the assets go to the parent company.
    • Not what you're looking for, but I picked up a full size yoga mat with one of those straps you can carry it with. I recognize this isn't the greatest of sleeping pads, but I liked the carrying strap for it. It's fairly comfortable. I've not had a chance to camp with it yet, but already I get very tired when I'm on it. 😀 But seriously, it's not a terrible cheap one and I'm going to get a double use out of it. 
    • I'm on the distribution list for 4 councils here in MA.  Every council sent the same notice, they are all cookie-cutter template.  It is the argument that National will use and maintain for as long as possible through this process.
    • Hmmmmmm.......... the Summit has a presidential help pad "in case a president wants to visit";  still building huge structures with theater seating, a dining facility and lodging,  but the BSA has declared bankruptcy.   The announcement specifically denied that the BSA owns the individual councils.  Councils pay a required fee for each member and the national beurcraticy dictates what local regions, sections, and councils need to do.  But.........BSA does not, in any shape or form, own the local council.   This is very interesting to me.
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