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    • Trying to get my head around how anyone will wrangle that many COs at any macro level, when doing it with several hundred LCs has been the cat roping rodeo of the decade. 
    • Per #1  LDS always had a special and unique relationship with scouting.  It almost needs to be discussed separately.   Per #2  Smaller collectives ... I've never really seen that.  I don't think it exists.  From what I've seen ... outside LDS ... I've not seen any hint of a faith based national org that knows which churches (or school districts or elementary schools) host scouting units.  ... if anything, national level faith oriented scouting groups were more about disseminating info and providing options for faith specific pursuits. "if your church hosts a scouting unit, consider *******" Per #3   Yep.
    • It could depend if they show by individual CO.  While there are large groups of COs, typically each local CO is a single unit (for example, xyz Elks Club would mean 1 unit).   Kosnoff is making it clear that in addition to national BSA, local councils and insurance companies, he is looking at suing the BSA legal team for malpractice (I guess that they spent too much and some of the fees should go into the trust) AND every CO he can.  He just mentioned ... "large and small churches, civic orgs, VFWs, Elks, Eagles, PTA's ad infintum." So ... if this is shown at the individual CO level, that essentially gives you the unit look as well. 
    • Like most of the youth programs, OA is the vision of the adults in the moment. I have seen OA programs cross the spectrum of what the handbook says they are. Sadly, many adults see their part in the program as the key to the image and they take out the honor of the OA. As scoutmaster, I supported the elections, but stayed away from the program because I didn't care for the adult side of the program. That being said, the scouts in my troop were in leadership roles for about 10 years. Since our troop wasn't involved with OA other than holding elections, I attribute the success of our scouts with our boy run program because most of those scouts were the main youth troop leaders as well. Because of our scouts doing so well in the OA leadership, I was asked to be the adult sponsor. I declined because I knew I would have to spend a lot of my time turning it into the program I knew back in the 70's, and I didn't have that kind of time. I want Scouts to see themselves as heros by serving others. But, that requires a process of activities that build scouts to like themselves when they are servants for others. Adults don't seem to know how to do that much anymore. Barry
    • Ha. Looks like a did a fair amount of "realizing" this morning. Must of been the new brand of coffee. I'll drink a few additional cups tomorrow and see if I can ascend to epiphanies.  
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